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January 8, 2020
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5 Social Work Jobs That Aid the LGBTQ Community
January 10, 2020

The top 20 stories for 2020 range from throwback stories to love quizzes to film reviews. Our readers wanted to educate themselves on LGBTQ history, read about pop culture, and talk politics. Take a look at this list to catch any stories you might have missed during this hectic year, or re-read a piece that made you smile amidst it all.


1. Dear White Lesbians: You Are Not Studs

White lesbian

This powerful opinion piece published in March sets the record straight on Gen Z queer culture and TikTok. Author Sarah Prager addresses appropriation of Black identity and gives readers a history lesson. Though readers were mixed on agreeing or disagreeing with Prager’s take that white lesbians should not be calling themselves studs, the conversation was a strong and necessary one. READ>>


2. This Online Social Lesbian Game is Perfect for Quartinis

Girls Like Girls Social Game

This new, quarantine-friendly drinking game website is perfect to share with your friends during the holidays or on lazy days. The conversation-starter game was made by a queer woman for queer women. There’s no app needed, just a one-time payment to play 10 games with up to four people. The creators believe that this game can bring you and your friends closer than ever. READ>>


3. The Pros and Cons of a Significant Age Difference

Older woman laughing with younger woman

Despite being published four years ago, this article continues to be on our most popular list. “The Pros and Cons of a Significant Age Difference” asks if age truly is just a number in lesbian and queer relationships. The positives range from financial stability and extended social circles, while the negatives include dealing with judgement and differing life goals. There is clearly interest in exploring the pros and cons of wide age gaps in relationships, and hopefully this article helped you out. READ>>


4. 7 Gender and Body-Inclusive Lingerie and Underwear Brands

3 JBC Lingerie Models

Photo: JBC Lingerie

Readers eagerly looking for inclusive lingerie brands needed to look no further than this article. In 2018, Ed Razek, the chief marketing officer for Victoria’s Secret’s parent company L Brands, explained that the their fashion show excludes trans women and plus-size women to maintain a “fantasy.” In response, Tagg Magazine highlighted brands that specialize in inclusion. Some of these brands don’t use gender-based descriptors, and others offer size ranges up to 6X. READ>>


5. An Interview with Actress and Comedian Stephanie Allynne

Actress and Comedian Stephanie Allynne

(Photo courtesy of Showtime)

Tagg Magazine’s Q&A with comedian Stephanie Allynne was a hit with readers. Allynne shared some insight about her comedy style, saying, “I see humor in most things. I’m very quick to laugh, and I can’t seem to turn that part of my brain off.” Allynne also gave some details about her upcoming Netflix film called First Ladies starring Jennifer Aniston, which Allynne co-wrote with her wife. READ>>


6. Review: More Beautiful For Having Been Broken

Scene from More Beautiful fromHaving Been Broken

This film review was glowing with praise for More Beautiful for Having Been Broken, a film that’s available on Amazon. Writer Becca Damante fell in love with the story and the characters. In the movie, Damante says the music avoids “banal stereotypes.” The combination of mystery, romance, and comedy gives the film “a lot of heart,” Damante writes. READ>>


7. Queerantine Con

Ebone Bell, Dana Picolli, Arlan Hamilton

(Photo: Marcie Bianco, Twitter)

This summer, Tagg Magazine worked with Fairy Gaymother Media to schedule panels, workshops, and musical performances. Queerantine Con embraced this summer’s virtual landscape with a full day of programming that connected LGBTQ women and allies with joyful and educational events during an unprecedented time. Tagg Magazine welcomed professional bartender Jeni Blyth, actress Alysia Reiner, Broadway star Beth Malone, and sex educator Tristan Taormino who answered readers’ anonymous questions alongside lesbian comedians Dana Goldberg and Bridget McManus. The nine-hour event benefitted Tagg Magazine’s fundraiser to save queer women’s media. READ>>


8. 2020 Enterprising Women

Tagg 2020 Enterprising Women

(Photo by Denis Largeron)

Our readers found inspiration in this year’s list of enterprising and empowering women. These leaders are educators, translators, and lawyers, just to name a few. This list goes far and wide to represent the local D.C. area queer women who have used their identities and passions to create more inclusive spaces for women, LGBTQ people,  and people of color. Give this article a read to end your year feeling inspired. Also, look out for our 2021 Enterprising Women as we feature LGBTQ women across the country. READ>>


9. 10 LGBTQ Holiday Movies

Scene from Season of Love

Photo courtesy of Tello Films

The holiday season may be coming to a close, but there’s still magic in the air. And, these LGBTQ movies provide that magic! Some films are star-studded, like the Thanksgiving feature Friendsgiving. Some films like The Christmas Setup and The Christmas House are premiere LGBTQ films from Lifetime and Hallmark, respectively. Check this list to find one more holiday movie to watch this season, and keep it in mind when celebrations roll around next year. READ>>


10. Out Black Lesbian Karine Jean-Pierre Chosen As Kamala Harris’ Chief of Staff

Karina Jean-Pierre

(Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 International license.)

Karine Jean-Pierre made history as Kamala Harris’ chief of staff. “There has never before been a non-white or openly gay chief of staff to a U.S. vice-presidential nominee or elected Vice President,” wrote Sarah Prager about the monumental change in representation. Jean-Pierre has been a political powerhouse as a commentator and advisor since working for President Barack Obama during his first term. This article was a spotlight on the good news for this year, as LGBTQ activists make headway in politics. READ>>


11. Women You Should Meet (W.Y.S.M.): Gina Upshaw

Gina Upshaw

Readers loved meeting Gina Upshaw this year as part of Tagg Magazine’s “Women You Should Meet” series. Upshaw lives in Philadelphia with her wife who she called her “biggest influence” and her “best friend.” Upshaw loves happy hours and powerful women singers like Beyoncé and Janelle Monáe. Upshaw is pursuing a doctoral degree while finding time to watch Love & Hip-Hop. READ>>


12. The L Word Generation Q Roundup: Episode 6

Angie and Jordi kiss

Writer Becca Damante has been reviewing episodes of The L Word: Generation Q since 2019, and her roundup of episode six shows that there was too much to handle in only one episode. There was an “OMG moment” with the return of an original character, Tina Kennard. This episode resolves some previously unanswered questions for viewers while adding in another element of drama. READ>>


13. 10 Queer Women of Color Who Won on Election Night

Marie Pinkney

(Photo via Pinkney’s Facebook)

Even before President-elect Joe Biden’s win was confirmed, queer women of color were having success across the country’s local and state elections. Readers loved this story, which highlighted 10 of the record-breaking ballot box wins for LGBTQ women of color. Paty Baca, an El Paso native with Mexican parents, was elected to be a district court judge. In Kansas, State House Representative-elect Stephanie Byers became the first out trans person of color ever elected to any state legislature. At just 26 years old, Tiara Mack in Rhode Island defeated the 15-year incumbent to become state senator. READ>>


14. Happiest Season Brings the Holiday Cheer and It’s Queer

Scene from Happiest Season

(Mackenzie Davis, left and Kristen Stewart, right) © Hulu

Happiest Season, now streaming on Hulu, received a lot of buzz this holiday season as an entertaining, LGBTQ-centric romance starring Kristen Stewart. Tagg Magazine readers were part of the buzz too, making this review one of our most popular articles of the year. Though Christmas may have passed, this film is still worth watching because it proves why it’s so important to have queer people play LGBTQ roles. READ>>


15. Wedding Announcement: Kacey and Tracy Bui

Kacey and Tracy Bui

Photo courtesy of Kacey & Tracy Bui

Tagg Magazine readers wanted to know more about the wedding between Kacey and Tracy Bui, announced in November. For Tagg’s wedding announcement series, Kacey and Tracy indulged how they met in Washington, D.C., in 2017 and began dating in 2018. Three months into their relationship, Tracy professed that one day she would marry Kacey. She was right! When it’s safe to travel, the “duo-doctor couple” hopes to honeymoon in Singapore. Tagg Magazine is wishing them the best. READ>>


16. Niecy Nash Marries Singer Jessica Betts

Niecy Nash and Jessica Betts

(via Niecy Nash’s Instagram)

Our readers had a hankering for happy wedding news in 2020 as this second marriage-related article was a hit. Actress Niecey Nash announced her surprise wedding to singer Jessica Betts at the end of August. Nash has appeared in films such as Selma and When They See Us, and the director of those projects, Ava DuVernay, attended the wedding and shared her well-wishes for the couple on social media, as did thousands of other fans and celebrities. The wedding photos posted on Nash and Betts’ Instagram publicly confirmed their relationship and was also Nash’s coming out. READ>>


17. Quiz: Am I in Love With Her?

It’s clear our readers love…love! Though this quiz was posted in 2014, love is timeless, and it can be hard to tell if you’re in love or just in lust. Ask yourself some of the questions from this quiz, like “Do you think she is the right person for you, in the long term?” and “Do you get butterflies every time she walks in the room?” Tally up your responses and see what you get! TAKE QUIZ>>


18. My Wife’s Girlfriend: Love, Sex, and Polyamory

Three women's arms and hands embracing

My Wife’s Girlfriend (Photo by Robin Flemming)

This 2018 article on polyamory still interests readers today. The Q&A article asked three polyamorous people to share their relationship experiences. Interviewee Elaine described polyamory as “a broader term for loving.” The three people in the article explained how they talked about polyamory with their partners and how they introduced a new person into their relationships. They also shared advice for readers considering polyamory. Their biggest tip? Be honest with your partners and yourself. READ>>


19. Dating Advice for Queer Women from Queer Women

Two women hanging out in the park

This advice column from 2016 featured voices from LGBTQ women around the country who all have asked that painstaking question, “Is it too soon to text her?” This article gives tips for battling first date nerves, getting physically intimate, and dealing with overwhelming emotions. Even though next year may still emphasize social and physical distancing to limit the spread of coronavirus, dating will still be a source of anxiety for many. Keep this article in your back pocket for when you hit the dating scene again and need friendly advice from queer women. READ>>


20. Queer Black History: Ma Rainey

Ma Rainey singing

Photo by William B. Carter, 1984

Tagg readers educated themselves on LGBTQ history this year, particularly about the “Mother of the Blues” Ma Rainey. Netflix premiered Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom in December this year, so it makes sense that this article from 2015 caught readers’ attention as they looked for more context. Rainey’s singing career took off in 1923 with her first record produced by Paramount Records. She went on to record over 90 albums and sing with stars like Louis Armstrong. Rainey frequently sang about her affairs with women, and she openly attended “queer parties” and was even arrested for hosting her own “all-women’s indecent party.” READ>>




Kelly McDonnell
Kelly McDonnell
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