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Kacey and Tracy Bui

Name: Kacey and Tracy Bui

Ages: Kacey is 29 and Tracy is 30.

Professions: Kacey is in the Medical Scientist Training Program at the University of Minnesota and Tracy is in the Medical Degree Program at the Medical College of Wisconsin.

City, State: Minneapolis, MN

Dating of Wedding: November 7, 2020

The Big Day: We were originally planning for a Spring 2022 wedding but with COVID-19 unrelenting and the rise of a conservative Supreme Court, Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s passing, Amy Coney Barrett’s subsequent confirmation, and Justices Thomas’ and Alito’s statement on Obergefell v. Hodges, we decided to elope as soon as we could. While our initial plan was to go down to the Minneapolis courthouse, our friends and family all pitched in to help throw an outdoor ceremony at Mill Ruins Park.

The wedding theme is forget-me-nots, which is Kacey’s favorite flower. The wedding party will consist of our sisters and closest friends will be wearing forget-me-not necklaces and cufflinks. Since we’re both in healthcare, we have spent the last month putting safety plans in place. This was our number one priority when we decided to get married during the pandemic. We are also very excited to celebrate with a very small socially distant dinner after the ceremony at Inbound BrewCo.

The Firsts:
First meeting: Officially, we met at drag brunch at Cobalt (RIP) [in Washington, D.C.] with mutual friends in November 2017. Neither of us remembers the day in great detail due to the bottomless mimosas. However, clearly something stuck because a few months later when another mutual friend asked Tracy if she should invite Kacey to their Half Bastille Day Event, Tracy responded with “That chick is da bomb!”

First date: Our first official date was in June 2018. Tracy was definitely nervous as she had three different options planned. She ultimately decided to take Kacey to an exhibit at the Torpedo Art Factory, followed by dinner at the Vermillion in Old Town Alexandria [Virginia]. She likes to mention that this is where President Obama took First Lady Michelle Obama for Valentine’s Day.

First kiss: We shared our first kiss in the backyard of Kacey’s D.C. home. Neither of us realized at the time the magnitude of what was to come, although when What Ifs by Kane Brown came on, Kacey remarked “How appropriate.”

When They Knew: After coming home from a party three months into our relationship, Tracy unabashedly proclaimed to Kacey that she would marry her one day.

The Proposal: Tracey decided on asking Kacey in the deer stand at her grandpa’s cabin. [She wanted] to include him spiritually since he passed away earlier this year. Tracy, with the help of Kacey’s mom and sister, arranged flameless candlelights into a path leading up to the deer stand. When we got up top, the stand was covered in lights roses. There was a hand- painted sign with “Kacey, will you marry me?” to which Kacey replied, “Absolutely!”

The Ring(s): Kacey’s engagement ring is a center-round diamond solitaire set into a platinum setting. Tracy opted for an engagement watch instead of a ring, and we have matching rose gold satin finish wedding bands.

Honeymoon: Undetermined due to COVID-19, but hopefully Singapore when it is safe to travel again.

Looking into the Future: We plan to make Minneapolis our home for the foreseeable future, eventually becoming a duo-doctor couple in the Twin Cities! We also hope to adopt a dog in need of a loving home.






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