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Wedding Announcement: Niyesha and Jennifer Patience Coleman

The Colemans

Names: Niyesha and Jennifer Patience Coleman

Ages: Niyesha is 35 and Patience is 31.

Professions: Niyesha is a middle school math teacher and Patience is a performing artist.

City, State: Hyattsville, MD

Date of Wedding: August 21, 2020 and September 18, 2021

The Big Day: We had an intimate COVID-style wedding on August 21, 2020. Our lovely friends, Toya and Brittany Miller-Harris hosted and planned everything for us. We had 18 of our friends and family there in person and several of our out of town friends and family on Zoom. We jumped the broom and danced for hours, it was amazing. We plan on having a “big wedding” whenever outside opens up. We were just too excited to wait an entire year for our life to start as one.

The Firsts:
First Meeting: We’ve been Facebook friends for 12 years, but have no idea how we first met. We were introduced again in 2013 through an event where Patience’s band, BOOMscat was performing. We ended up actually connecting at our mutual friends, Essence and Lauren Coggins’ Stateside wedding, March 2014.

First Date: We went to Outback Steakhouse. Niyesha had an asthma attack so we had to leave early, but that was our first real date.

First Kiss: After that Stateside wedding we told you about earlier!

When They Knew: Niyesha has definitely been courting Patience for years and has been the most patient out of the two. Patience was a bit stubborn, but Niyesha laid out for Patience exactly how much she loved her last summer and it was a WRAP.

The Proposal:
We had a full day of running around, and then we went to dinner at Succotash at the National Harbor. Niyesha pulled out her phone and turned on a Zoom call with some of our closest family and friends and proposed. It was a beautiful surprise with some help from our best friends.

The Rings: We had been talking about rings since December. Patience wanted a rose gold band with a moonstone setting, and Niyesha delivered! Niyesha has a titanium band with a rose gold band to match.

Honeymoon: We haven’t decided on a honeymoon yet, but it definitely won’t be until outside is ALL the way open.

Looking into the Future: We are really excited to purchase a house soon, but for now, we are working on building our life together right where we are.



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