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June 27, 2014
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Our dating experts put you to the test.

You might be really into her, but are you in LOVE with her?  This time of year has some pondering this question more times than others.  Here’s a quick quiz to help you decide if you’re in LOVE—or maybe just in LUST.

After answering all the questions below, add up the number of times you responded YES and read your results below!

1. Do you get butterflies EVERY TIME she walks in the room (still)? YES  or  NO

2. Is she the first person that comes to mind when you consider asking someone to join you doing your favorite activity or hobby? YES  or  NO

3. Are you preferring to spend time with her over your friends? YES  or  NO

4. Do you miss her voice when you don’t hear it daily? YES  or  NO

5. Is she the first thing you think about when you wake and the last thing you think about before you sleep? YES  or  NO

6. Does she make your day/week/month/year (!) when she complements you? YES  or  NO

7. Do you think she is the right person for you, in the long term? YES  or  NO

8. Do you get jealous if she flirts with someone else? YES  or  NO

9. When you see her, do you forget about everything else? YES  or  NO

10. Do you feel like you want to introduce her to your family? YES  or  NO

11. Did you want to introduce her to your friends immediately? YES  or  NO


The Results

If you answered YES to 7 or more questions, congratulations, you are in love! It might be time to take the next steps in your relationship, whether that be meeting her parents, moving in together, or getting married.

If you answered YES to 4–6 questions, you are really “into” your partner, but not quite madly in love. Continue to get to know one another and explore what makes your relationship tick. For some, falling in love takes time.

If you answered YES to 3 or fewer questions, you’re probably not in love with her.  Many people in the beginning stages of relationships fall into this category. You might be getting closer to falling in love—but know that there is much room for growth in your relationship—if you want it to happen. You may still be in the honeymoon phase or just lusting after each other, so don’t force love or a relationship to bloom if it doesn’t feel natural.




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