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Tagg Writer Featured on Front Page of The Washington Post

Michelle Alexander and Teresa Vest-Dowell

Michelle Alexander and her fianceé interviewed about connecting online

Michelle Alexander and Teresa Vest-Dowell

Michelle Alexander, 40 and Teresa Dowell-Vest, 42 — Sarah L. Voisin/The Washington Post

On Monday, June 8, The Washington Post featured a story about couples who successfully meet online. More specifically, how free social network sites like twitter and Facebook have become the new matchmaker. One of the couples featured was Tagg‘s own Michelle Alexander and her fianceé Teresa Dowell-Vest.

“[The article] gave substance and validity for others to find love; where it comes regardless of time or distance or the ‘shame’ that others try to give you for meeting online. There was a time when it was weird to meet someone online, now its just a dating norm,” Alexander says.

Alexander opens up about meeting her fianceé online, their public flirting on Facebook, and their proposal. Her candid interview gives readers a glimpse of her vibrant personality, and her love for her soon-to-be wife.

“In a very white, hetero-centered wedding industry, it was nice to be an interracial lesbian couple that was not referenced as an interracial lesbian couple,” says Alexander. “Media, while trying to be inclusive, has a tendency to categorize. We weren’t the lesbians in the story, we were just Teresa and Michelle.”

Alexander and Dowell-Vest will officially be tying the knot Saturday, June 14. We wish them the best of luck, and look forward to more articles about love!

Read the full Washington Post story by Michael S. Rosenwald.


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