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September 19, 2021
Lez Hang Out Episode 502
Lez Hang Out Podcast Ep. 502: Hottie of Christ with Andy Randolph
September 21, 2021
Rosie O'Donnell and Katherine Moennig

Rosie O'Donnell (Carrie) & Kat Moennig (Shane)/ Generation Q. Photo: Kelsey McNeal/SHOWTIME.


This week’s episode of The L Word: Generation Q contains so many sex scenes that I actually lost count and features some major drama between Bette and Tina’s fiancée, Carrie (Rosie O’Donnell). Not that I’m complaining. Because sex scenes and conflicts between Bette and Tina are what the The L Word is known for.

Episode seven opens with a sex scene between Sophie and Finley, and is followed by many more from the pair. Sex in the office, sex in the car, sex at home – they really can’t stop. But at least they are happy. Though throughout the episode, Finley displays a bit of insecurity about her maturity level, so much that she asks Dani how to be an adult. 

To be fair, Dani is a good role model when it comes to adulting, especially in this episode. After Gigi’s revelation that her feelings for Dani changed, Dani considers her own feelings for Gigi and decides that she wants to check in with Bette since Gigi is her ex. Dani never gets to Bette, but when she discusses it with Alice, Alice assures her that it would be absolutely fine. Dani tells Gigi about this, and they share a beautiful kiss, with Gigi assuring Dani that her feelings for her are real. 

With other members of the cast, there is a lot of drama going on. When Bette and Alice meet for brunch, they see Nat and Gigi eating together, which causes Bette to remark: “Fuck, they’re both here? That is so gay.” Alice also describes them as “one big giant ex,” which made me laugh. But not for long, as Alice sleeps with Nat not once, but twice in this episode: once in the car, with Alice’s head sticking out the sunroof, and again in a public bathroom. I mean, I get it. Nat is really attractive. But I was also kind of excited about Alice and Tom

The most dramatic part of this week’s episode happens with Bette and Tina’s fiancée, Carrie, who both attend a silent auction for Dana’s hosted by Shane and Tess. Carrie has a few too many drinks, and approaches Bette, who is there with Pippa. She tells Bette that she wants the two of them to bond, and Bette tells her that she is not going to be anything beyond civil. 

Later in the evening, Carrie gets really drunk, and Shane and Tess drive her home, only to hear that Carrie doesn’t think she can marry Tina. Soon after, Shane and Tess finally share their long-awaited kiss, and it is absolutely amazing. Though the cutest moment of this episode has to be when Jordi does a choreographed promposal for Angie with umbrellas that spell out prom with a question mark. 

This episode ends with a beautifully choreographed sex scene between Bette and Pippa, and a hand job in the car between Sophie and Finley that gets interrupted by the cops. We’ve only got three episodes left, and I’m excited to see where they go! 

Becca’s Rankings 

Sexiest Scene: Bette and Pippa’s sex scene was an artistic masterpiece. 

Most OMG-Moment: Carrie saying “I don’t think I can marry Tina.”

Funniest Moment: Alice asking Carrie (Rosie O’Donnell) if she’d ever been to a talk show. 

Best Musical Moment: Jordi’s promposal to “Great One” by Jessie Reyez. 

Who will sleep together next? Dani and Gigi, I hope! Or Micah and Maribel – I’m sad they weren’t in this episode. 




Becca Damante
Becca Damante
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