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Sophie and Finley

Jacqueline Toboni as Finley & Rosanny Zayas as Sophie (Photo Credit: Liz Morris/SHOWTIME)


If you thought last week’s episode of The L Word: Generation Q was dramatic, you better buckle up, because episode two got a whole lot crazier.

After Finley shows up at Sophie and Dani’s wedding, things get real intense, real fast. Dani punches Finley in the face and flushes her ring down the toilet and doesn’t seem like she’s going to forgive Sophie anytime soon.

Having known about Sophie’s infidelity, Micah is stuck in the middle. Seeing how distraught Dani is, he finally decides to call it off with the married man he was seeing. And he ends up spending a lot of time with Sophie’s sister Maribel, which seems to be heading in a romantic direction.

Micah and Maribel aren’t the only ones with a budding romance. Shane and Tess seem to be hitting it off as well. As they prepare to set up their own poker game at Dana’s, the two swap personal stories, and when Tess compliments Shane, she can’t help but point out that Shane is blushing.

In other news, Bette starts a job at an art gallery, hoping to support other people of color who are trying to make it in the industry. During this episode, Bette also hooks up with Gigi, and their chemistry is so electric, I have to remind myself that Jennifer Beals, who plays Bette, is straight.

But it’s not all sunshine and rainbows for the two of them. Later in the episode, after Bette is hard on Sophie for cheating on Dani, Shane calls Bette out in front of Gigi for having cheated before. Bette firmly responds: “I cheated on Tina seventeen years ago, and I will regret it for the rest of my life.” Okay, Gen Q. Way to hit me in the feels.

Also in this week’s episode, Alice is visited by her book editor Tom (Donald Faison), who wants her to lean in and write about the harder parts of life. Unfortunately, those more difficult parts seem to be right around the corner, as Nat tells Alice that she is polyamorous, and Alice does not take it well.

At the end of the episode, Dani breaks her silence and talks to Sophie. Even though Sophie promises to spend her entire life making up for her mistake, Dani is not ready to forgive her. But Sophie seems determined. However, when Sophie returns home, Finley promises to be out of Sophie’s house by the next morning, and Sophie responds: “Don’t go.” Umm, excuse me?


Becca’s Rankings

Sexiest Scene: That Bette and Gigi scene was too hot to handle. Definitely one of the hottest lesbian sex scenes I have seen in a while.

Most OMG-Moment: Sophie telling Finley NOT to go after seeming like she wanted to win Dani back.

Funniest Moment: Alice saying: “I know a lot of lesbians, and drama has a way of sticking around.” She’s not wrong.

Best Musical Moment: I think I’m supposed to say the montage to “Driver’s License” by Olivia Rodrigo, but it just didn’t work for me.

Who will sleep together next? After Micah broke things off with Jose, I felt some vibes between Micah and Maribel. I’m here for it!




Becca Damante
Becca Damante
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