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Bette - L Word Generation Q

(Photo: Showtime/YouTube)

Mark your calendar and text your exes! The third season of The L Word: Generation Q returns on November 18, and this season’s trailer promises a whole lot of fun.

In case you forgot, season 2 ended with some major plot points and one big cliffhanger. Shane and Tess call it quits. Gigi introduces Dani to her family. Alice finds a ring in Tom’s pocket, and Finley goes to rehab. And if that isn’t enough drama? As Bette is on her way out the door to meet Pippa, Tina knocks on her door and asks “can I come in?”

Since October of last year, we have been waiting anxiously to see just what would happen with Bette and Tina, and as of yesterday, we got one step closer. During a sneak peek video of season 3, Tina walks in and straight up asks Bette: “Are you in love with me?” And the look on Bette’s face is a priceless mix of sheer horror and frustrated affirmation.

With #Tibette at the forefront, this season is sure to be entertaining. Season 3 of Gen Q also promises a slew of famous guest stars, including Kehlani, Fletcher, Joey Lauren Adams (Chasing Amy), Margaret Cho, and Joanna Cassidy (Six Feet Under). Rosie O’Donnell and Jamie Clayton have also been upped to series regulars.

See you back here in November for our weekly recaps! Until then, we’ll just be hitting replay on this juicy preview.



Becca Damante
Becca Damante
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