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Lady Parts Justice: National Day of Pride for Women

Top comedians, writers and performers form hilarious and interactive website



Lizz Winstead, co-creator of The Daily Show (Photo courtesy of Mindy Tucker)

In 2013, more than 624 bills were proposed regulating women’s bodies and reproductive rights, compared to zero bills regulating men’s bodies. In the first three months of 2014, 733 pieces of anti-choice legislation were introduced in state legislatures. The Daily Show co-creater, writer and comedian Lizz Winstead was one of many women who took notice. Founded in 2012, Winstead is taking her organization Lady Justice Parts to the next level.

Lady Parts Justice is a collaborative team of comedians, cultural influencers, technologists and activists who are using humor and outrage to expose, remove and replace anti-choice zealots with pro-choice, pro-women politicians. The site will launch a livestream event on July 15, 2014 to include Winstead, Goldie Taylor and Sally Kohn, live from NYC, reading stories that women have submitted about their abortion experiences. From Austin, TX, Amy Hagstrom Miller will be giving viewers a live tour of her clinic that is soon closing due to the restrictive laws in Texas.

Lady Parts Justice’s site will feature an interactive map spotlighting funny and factually informative videos for all 50 states – exposing the politicians working to completely eliminate choice and access, while highlighting progressive Lady Parts-friendly politicians. The site will also feature rapid response using humor, which hasn’t been done in the past – “exposing the hypocrites, liars and nice-looking spokespeople who aren’t really nice at all” with hilarious, irreverent and poignant videos reminding them of the consequences of messing with women and their anatomy.

Lady Parts Justice will also be hosting the first ever V To Shining V, a national day of pride for women, with celebrations in all 50 states taking place on September 27, 2014. V To Shining V 2014 will be the first annual fall event that serves as a push to step up, get loud, go to the polls in November and oust politicians who have decided the biggest problems in people’s home states is what women do with their private parts.

The team leading this national women’s movement will be encouraging women and men across the country to throw soirees and organize block parties featuring comedy, music and a little dose of what’s on the ballot. Many celebrities have already committed to hosting parties, including: comedian Sarah Silverman in Concord, NH, Lizz Winstead in St Paul, MN, Orange Is The New Black star Lea Delaria in Harrisburg, PA and MSNBC political analyst Joan Walsh in Madison, WI.