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Local Musician Releases ‘Raining in Baltimore’ Music Video

Deb Felz Music Video

Deb Felz, a Washington, D.C.-based musician, has just released a music video for her song “Raining in Baltimore” — one of the top tracks on her self-titled debut album.

As a lesbian-identified musician, Felz thought it was important to have a queer storyline because she “wished she could have seen queer relationships in music videos growing up”. Though current times are changing, she still felt a strong need to integrate this in her new music video.

“I’ve only in the past few years started to personally identify as part of the LGBT community, and only very recently started to publicly identify as part of it,” says Felz. “It’s been quite a journey for me. Looking back, I think the journey would have been easier if I had been exposed to more openly queer artists and other public figures when I was growing up and developing as a musician.”

Felz’s debut album is now available for download on iTunes, Google Play, and various other digital outlets. You can also follow her on Facebook for updates on her music and performances.

Watch the music video below.

Ebone Bell
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