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WYSM: Suzanne McArdle

Name: Suzanne McArdle

City, State of Residence: Silver Spring, MD
Age: 28

Has the Spark Dimmed?

Let’s talk about sex…and how to keep it sizzling

By Meghann Novinskie and Kim Rosenberg
Sex in new relationships is typically easy: You’re excited about the end of the night and/or an early morning sex session, and you might even constantly be thinking about where you can have a down-and-dirty quickie during the day.

Memorial Service in Dupont Circle for Master Cpl. Sandy Rogers

Honoring fallen LGBT officers and their partners

By Jade Salazar
National Police Week in Washington, D.C. normally means a fun week full of police-themed dance parties for people affiliated and unaffiliated with the force. The week has a lot more meaning to those serving their communities and their families.

Women You Should Meet: A.J. Campbell

NAME: A.J. Campbell
AGE: 44