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Asking That Special Someone to the Phase 1 Formal

DC’s lesbian bar gets fancy this winter

Saturday December 14, Phase 1 will host its annual winter formal event. Patrons are encouraged to don their gay attire and dress to impress as you dance the night away in a winter wonderland. While this is sure to be a fun formal event for those who choose to go stag, it also promises to be a magical night for all those couples who dare to venture out of the lesbian love cave for an evening.

If you haven’t found your date yet, don’t stress. There’s still time. Try starting this magical night off right with one of these five cute, fun ways to ask your beau to the winter formal.

The Straightforward Approach
You’ve just recently started talking to a girl, and it’s going well. So why not call her up—yes, call, not text—and ask her if she’d like to be your date to the Phase 1 winter formal? She will appreciate your straightforwardness and most likely return it with a strong yes. Plus, you know you want to see how well she cleans up before you make it official.

The Suggestive Approach
If you’re already living with your partner, why not take the time to rummage through her closet, locate her puffiest dress, and lay it in the bed alongside your finest attire. Write a cute note asking her to the formal and place it on the pillow. Feel free to choose other articles of clothing you’d like to see her wear as well. This is sure to spark some romance before the big night.

The Romantic Approach
If you have a date night this week, head to your local florist or grocer and purchase a single rose or winter mix bouquet. Write a sweet note and leave it at the dinner table when she uses the restroom, or place it on the table when you serve her your best pasta and veggie mix.

The Typical Approach
We all know social media has taken over our lifestyle. If you absolutely must ask your crush to the formal via any social media network, at least class it up with a cute photo or gif. Add a heartfelt note or cute one-liner, and she’s sure to take the bait.

The ‘That’s What Friends Are For’ Approach
Maybe formal dates are overrated for the cynical Scrooge. When all else fails, grab a friend, a cool color combo, and make the formal a friends’ event. Who knows: maybe with the right wing woman, you’ll find Ms. Right.

Whatever you decide, grab your finest girl or boi, bust out your favorite formal wear, and have yourself a gay old time!

Event: Phase 1 Winter Formal
Location: Phase 1, 525 8th St SE, Washington, D.C.
Date: Saturday, December 14
Time: Doors open at 9 p.m. – 2:30 a.m.
Cover: $10