Women-Only ‘Play Party’ Launches in San Francisco

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Women-Only ‘Play Party’ Launches in San Francisco

Skirt Club, the exclusive underground “play party” for bisexual and bi-curious women, recently launched its new San Francisco location following its massive success in New York and Los Angeles.

The invitation only cocktail party featured performances by renowned burlesque star Bovixxen and featured a host of expert speakers. San Francisco is the fourth venue to open in the United States, which falls short in spaces like these for women despite an abundance of them for men.

“Women in general are interested in each other, particularly with the bi-curious and bisexuality trend among women that’s become so prevalent in pop culture today,” said Skirt Club Founder Geneviève LeJeune. “But sexual exploration can be difficult when you’re concerned about safety and privacy and where do you have the opportunity to meet these women.”

The club’s private community and exclusive network, which LeJeune launched in 2014 in London as a luxury space for “girls will play with girls,” has created that opportunity. It’s stringent approval process and no camera policy has proven to be quite a drawcard; its locations have expanded to New York, Los Angeles, Miami, Sydney and Berlin.

“We’re excited to bring Skirt Club to San Francisco and hope that women will enjoy the empowerment of opening up to each other in a completely unique and supportive way,” said LeJeune.

Click here to check out Skirt Club’s raunchy promotional video … and to sign up, if you dare.


Angelo Louw
Angelo C. Louw
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