Preparing Your Vehicle for Summer: A Quick Guide

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Preparing Your Vehicle for Summer: A Quick Guide

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With summer just around the corner, and many of our treasured vehicles having sat in garages over the winter months, now is the time to take off the dust covers, buff up the paintwork, and prepare your vehicle for summer motoring. In this short guide, you’ll learn all of the basic steps that you should take in order to prepare your car for driving this summer. Read on to learn what maintenance, bodywork, and documentation protocols you’ll need to observe in order to drive your car comfortably and proudly in the coming months.

Basic Maintenance

Many multiple-car owners choose to leave their treasured vehicle in the garage over the winter months. This helps to protect classic cars and sports vehicles from the ravages of the cold and the damage that can be sustained from the elements. In this case, if you’re about to take a car out of the garage, there are some basic maintenance tasks you should perform before driving your vehicle.

You should, for instance, check that no oil or gas has escaped from your vehicle over the weeks and months you’ve had it parked up. Look underneath the car for signs of this leakage. Meanwhile, check the oil level, and fill up the water in the radiator, and the window washing fluid. Finally, see how your vehicle starts: sometimes, a battery will go flat over the winter months, and you’ll need a new one installed for the summer.


Those with a treasured car want it to look spotless and shiny before they take it out on the roads. It’s in this respect that you should look everywhere for the best products to help you achieve the gleam that you want to see your car radiating. There are plenty of different products and services out there to help you make your car sparkle, but Ultimate Ceramic Coatings & Paint Protection will provide comprehensive coverage for your vehicle in the summer months.

Remember that your car needs not only the buffing and the polishing to look great; it also needs a form of protection atop the paintwork in order to keep it from chipping or warping when on the roads – and this often takes specialist products that help protect vehicular paintwork from the wear and tear of the roads.


Is your car legal to drive? And are you legal to drive it? When you don’t use your car for the majority of the year, you may find that you’ve let its insurance plan run out, or that you’ve forgotten to keep it road-legal, in terms of its documentation. Before you take it for a spin this summer, then, you need to check that you have all the correct documentation in place.

Perhaps the most important protocols in this regard are those papers that prove your car is road-legal – especially if your summer vehicle is a classic car that’s a few decades old. It’s best to find out about flaws in your car’s engine at the garage than on the roads themselves.

There you have it; key tips to prepare your car for driving in the summer months in 2020.