Feature: A Private Tour of Residential Décor

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Feature: A Private Tour of Residential Décor

Chris Svoboda (Photo by Denis Largeron)
An attorney, chef, real estate developer, and all-around Renaissance woman, Chris Svoboda officially made Washington, D.C., her permanent home a year ago. She enjoys the city’s diversity, music venues, museums, and unique restaurants.

Svoboda describes her two-bedroom apartment in Northeast, D.C., as “evocative, timeless, and comfortable.” A love of cultural diversity in art, food, and music is prevalent throughout her home. She enjoys collecting contemporary pieces from around the world, as well as antiques. In fact, an L.C. Smith & Corona sits on a bookshelf. That typewriter originally belonged to the father of her great aunt. He was the editor of a local newspaper in North Dakota.

“When I travel, I like to buy native art, musical instruments, CDs, spices, and cooking utensils. My family has always traveled and instilled this in me,” explains Svoboda. “I always watched Daktari [when it was] on television, and my grandfather would take me each weekend to the Smithsonian museums.”

The décor of her home reflects years of collecting disparate objects that evoke certain feelings and memories. “The other super bonus,” she admits, “is having a mom who’s an interior designer with an awesome sense of style.”

Given her culinary passion, Svoboda spends most of her time in the kitchen: “Food is the soul of life,” she proclaims. And, because Svoboda doesn’t know how to cook on a small scale, she is always hosting impromptu dinner parties.

Filled with items that represent her family and her diverse interests, it’s clear that Svoboda’s home has a lot of history and personality. She prides herself on having a space that makes her guests feel both welcome and comfortable.


Eboné Bell
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