Progressive Establishments to Visit in San Diego

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Progressive Establishments to Visit in San Diego

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Progressive can mean any number of things: futuristic, modern-thinking or forward-facing when it comes to gender and sexuality. All of these things are great attributes to have, and San Diego is certainly host to its own fair share of progressive establishments to visit, particularly on a vacation. Whether you’re packing for a quick getaway or a lavish week-long stay, we have you covered.

Hidden Fish

It’s sushi – but not as you know it. Located in Convoy, this sushi eatery specializes in serving its nigari on 30 and 90 minute timelines. This one is for those who want to be treated to their sushi with flare and abundance, as 12 and 18-course meals of the chef’s own special sushi is made with fresh local seafood and a fish sourced from Tokyo’s famed Tsujiki Market.

If it’s LGBTQ we’re referring to, then Hillcrest is San Diego’s finest queer district. Hillcrest is San Diego’s infamous LGBTQ-friendly neighborhood, which is host to a plethora of restaurants, bars and thrift stores. Whether it’s cocktails you’re after or some fashionable vintage items, this is a district that makes for a day’s worth of retail therapy and your evening spent eating and dancing the night away.

Hillcrest Brewing Company

Fans of craft beer light up when they hear that their holiday has a brewery on the itinerary. Not only is this brewing company gay-owned, but it’s also the ultimate place to treat yourself on a day out. As well as producing handcrafted beer, they also bake you fresh stone fired pizzas with bottles and kegs to go. Their cheeky website and jovial tone on their branding showcase not only their unique image, but also that this little brewing company is fast filling out its calendar with exciting events and new opportunities.

Indigo Salon and Spa

If this is a luxurious trip your planning, and ‘private jet charter San Diego’ is written down on your to-do list, then finding a proud LGBTQ spa is the only way to round off your vacation. Planning your getaway transport alongside the reward of a relaxing afternoon is a great reward for organizing and planning such a big getaway. Based in the aforementioned Hillcrest neighborhood, and listed as one of San Diego’s ‘Pink Spots’, this salon and spa has everything from beauty makeovers to top of the range cosmetic treatments. Their salon exhibits a blend of calming and classic decoration, with pops of color and sophisticated uses of designer patterns. The treatment rooms are relaxing and beautifully designed, making for the perfect place to leave your day of travelling behind you.

While it’s true that anyone from any community can visit the older establishments as well as the new, those who have marketed themselves as forward thinking certainly have some interesting sights to offer. We’ve seen this in such places as American Airlines vacations.Whether you go for a pint of craft beer at San Diego’s first gay-owned brewery or a sushi bar that sets its dining experience around unique timescales, San Diego itself is certainly setting its eyes firmly on the future.