Out Psychic Medium Kate Cadoré is on the Case

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Out Psychic Medium Kate Cadoré is on the Case

Kate Cadore

By Micaela Kaibni Raen

Kate Cadoré works with law enforcement to solve complex criminal cases. Since 2006, she has worked with forensic teams, cold case detectives and various departments of law enforcement. When asked if it is hard to be open about being a lesbian while doing this kind of specialized work, she commented, “Most of the professionals I work with are focused on solving the case. They are there to do the work.  Occasionally there are challenges but my family and friends are here to support me.”

When first assigned to a case, Cadoré will ask for only the name of the victim. Once in a meditative space she writes notes that often contain clues that help investigators piece together puzzling timelines and mysteries that they are trying to resolve.

“It is very rewarding to give information to investigators and then see their reaction. It is like a light bulb suddenly gets switched on,” says Cadoré.

Even though this work can be exhausting and heart wrenching, her goal is to bring healing and closure to surviving family members. Cadoré’s best friend was murdered in 1998 and it was a very painful experience for her. Going through the loss of a loved one to a violent crime has inspired her to help others.

Affectionately called “the Ellen of the Psychic World” by some colleagues, Cadoré not only works on criminal cases but also offers intuitive counseling. As a life counselor she can relay spiritual guidance and offer life-coaching sessions. Believing that we all have spirit guides or a higher form of energy, she connects with that space to pass on messages to her clients. She may also deliver personal messages from a family member who has passed away. The typical session is held over the phone or on Skype and includes questions from the client. Prior to the session Cadoré has only the client’s name. She then enters into a spiritual state to write down messages for the client; messages that often answer the client’s questions before they are even asked. During the session, she relays this information and can also answer more questions. The focus of each session can vary from the process of healing to discovering the client’s life path.

“Whether investigators believe in psychics or not, just having another pair of eyes to look over a cold case can be beneficial to creating new momentum,” says Cadoré.

When investigators use the services of a psychic they often keep it a secret so they won’t be scrutinized by their peers for using methods that are scientifically intangible. In addition to believing that psychics should be used to solve more cases, she points out that they can also be a great resource to bring healing to individuals, families and communities. With a special clairvoyance and a strong desire to help others, lesbian psychic medium Kate Cadoré is on the case.


Micaela Kaibni Raen is an Arab-American author whose work explores cultural, socio-economic and sexual themes that critically impact women and their families.


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