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A queer white woman wears a dark gray suit adjusts her white bow tie

Photo: Bindle & Keep

LGBTQ women across a broad gender spectrum—masculine, feminine, and everything in between and outside of—are ditching the conventional wedding attire and saying yes to more unique styles.

LGBTQ-centric suit companies are thriving in fashion markets, making it easier for our community to find the perfect wedding suit style and fit while shopping in supportive, affirming spaces. Here are six wedding attire companies that will get you dapper for your big day.


Bindle & Keep

Two queer women kissing in suit - Bindle &Keep

(Photo: Bindle & Keep)

Based in New York City, Bindle & Keep prides itself on bespoke suits for all genders, identities, and body types. They work specifically with people in the LGBTQ community to ensure the best look, feel, and fit. These suits feature details and designs that are handcrafted, handpicked, and hand sewn and, fun fact, they even offer vegan suits. Bindle & Keep tailors adjust custom suits as needed for free, including making post-top surgery alterations. All initial fittings must be done in person at their location in Brooklyn.

Website: www.bindleandkeep.com

Price Range: $895 – $1300


The Dapper Dames

A masculine white woman wears a pink brocade blazer with black trim, black pants, a white button-up shirt, and a black tie.

(Photo: The Dapper Dames)

The Dapper Dames design tuxedos and suits specifically and exclusively for women and people in the LGBTQ community. You can choose designs featured on the site or create your own suit for your own style. The clothing line is currently located in New York and is coming soon to San Diego.

Website: www.thedapperdames.com

Price range: $99 – $999


Morroni Custom Clothing

Masculine center of woman in blue suit - Morroni

(Photo by Iryna Shostak for Inspire Me Imagery)

Expert tailor Daniel Morroni has been crafting custom suits for over 20 years. All his suits prioritize personal style with the goal of making you feel confident for any occasion. One of his specialties is creating one-of-a kind masculine cuts for women. Serving Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware, Daniel will come to you for custom private consultations and fittings.

Website: www.morronicustom.com/women/masculine-cuts/

Price Range: $895 – $1200


Sharpe Suiting

Lesbian couple - Sharpe Suiting

(Photo by Leah Graham)

Sharpe Suiting is a queer-owned company with locations in Los Angeles, Chicago, Charlotte, and Tampa that specializes in bespoke suits for all genders and identities. These suits have made appearances on catwalks and red carpets, but, more importantly, they’re there with you as you walk down the aisle on your special day. The company has donated around 100 suits to LGBTQ youth centers, colleges, and non-profits nationwide.

Website: www.sharpesuiting.com

Price Range: $800 – $1800


The Tie Bar

Colorful bow tie from The Tie Bar

(Photo: The Tie Bar)

For wedding accessories, check out The Tie Bar which has locations in Washington, D.C., Boston, New York, Chicago, and Philadelphia. They have a large array of colorful and classy bow ties, socks, and suspenders marketed for anyone. They also offer a number of pieces from the Jesse Tyler Ferguson collection, including a uniquely designed Stonewall Inn bow tie. And, if you don’t like any of the options available, they can custom make the wedding accessories you desire.

Website: www.thetiebar.com

Price Range: $10 – $35


Tux Couture

Tux Couture

Located in New York City, Tux Couture offers tuxedos made exclusively for women. You can rock a femme look in a silky white tux or choose a more masculine cut⁠—you decide! Each tux is detailed, designed, and fitted just how you like it. It gives a whole new meaning to satin and lace.

Website: www.tux-couture.com

Price Range: $300 – $900






Dorothy Hastings
Dorothy Hastings
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