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Is Red Meat Good for Your Health?

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If you are looking forward to having a balanced diet you need to make healthier choices because it will allow you to have red meat regularly.(Getty Images)

Within your everyday diet you will find meat is a great source of protein, minerals and vitamins. However, if you are having in excess of 90g of cooked red meat or processed meat every day you are advised to bring down the quantity to 70g by the Department of Health. You must understand that the average daily consumption of red meat in the UK is presently according to the advice provided by the Department of Health.

If you are looking forward to having a balanced diet you need to make healthier choices because it will allow you to have red meat regularly. You will not have the opportunity to believe you are playing free slot machines if you are considering having red meat regularly. This is because you are also required to understand that meats of some types are high in saturated fat, which has the potential to raise cholesterol levels.

Red meat is a great source of iron and is also rich in vitamin B12. If you are having red meat in excess of the quantity recommended you are advised to cut down on the consumption because there appears to be a link between red and processed meat with bowel cancer. The meat of all types including poultry, lamb, pork and beef are together rich in proteins. However, if you are in search of a balanced diet you can get the proteins you need from meat as well as beans and pulses.

Meat And Saturated Fat
Meats of some types are high in saturated fat and having them in high quantities can increase cholesterol levels in the blood, which could also raise your risks of developing cardiovascular problems. You can easily overcome this problem by making proper choices when buying meat as well as cooking it. The choices made by you will prove to be a difference in the amount of saturated fat you consume.

Making Healthier Choices When Purchasing Meat
Selecting the leanest option available should be the choice you should be making when purchasing meat. You should always select meat, which doesn’t look white because it is a sure-fire indicator of more fat. If you are intent on having red meat you will find the following tips helpful for making proper choices:

● Ask your butcher to give you lean cuts.
● Check nutrition labels on pre-packed meat to understand its fat content.
● Choosing Turkey or chicken will be a good option if you decide to have them without the skin.
● Limit the processed meat products you are having such as sausages, salami and beef burgers because the fat content in these products is often high along with the sodium content as well.

Do Not Use Fat When Cooking Red Meat
Remember to remove any visible fat and skin before cooking meat. If you decide to have red meat regularly you should be making all attempts to reduce fat when cooking. Perhaps you should consider grilling the meat rather than frying. Do not add extra fat or oil during the cooking because it will increase the quantity of saturated fat.

Having red is a popular choice among many people and numerous experts about whether red meat is good or bad have provided different opinions. As long as you are staying within the recommended limits and following the tips mentioned in this article you could rest assured that red meat will be perfect for your health.

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