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3 Great Ways You Can Relax with Your Partner at Home by Switching Off Technology

When you think of relaxing, you might think about putting your feet up and watching a movie or binge-watching the latest TV show. Even if you are doing this with your partner, you may then realize you haven’t spoken properly all evening or maybe been distracted by your phones during your downtime. If you’re wondering how you relax with your partner whilst making an effort to actively avoid technology and devices, here are some ideas for you.

Signs It’s Time to Relax with Your Partner

Whether it’s opposite busy working schedules, being too tired when you actually do spend time together, or just feeling a little distant, here are some key signs that it’s definitely time to set time aside for relaxing with just your partner.

  • You can’t remember the last time you spent a relaxing evening together
  • One, or both, of you is feeling stressed
  • The stress in your home is causing conflict in your relationship
  • You’re trying to save money and stay in more
  • You need to concentrate on your wellbeing
  • Your day usually consists of seeing your partner in passing without quality time together

If any of these ring true, or if you just simply know that it’s time to relax with your loved one, setting dedicated time aside is a must. This means counting it as an official plan and making sure no other responsibilities (or people) disturb you.

To help, here are some great ways you can relax with your partner at home that don’t rely on technology.

1. Take a Bath Together

Baths are relaxing for anyone, but sharing a bath with your loved one and taking the time to enjoy a long soak can be soothing for your mind, body — and your relationship! Baths are perfect because not only are they relaxing, but it’s also the perfect opportunity to talk and catch up without other distractions.

You can create your own bathroom haven, complete with candles, a bubble bath, and the perfect playlist.

If a bath or an inviting bathroom is one thing missing from your home, it’s always an idea to put a bathroom renovation on your home improvement list to make sure you and your partner have the perfect spot to relax. Bathroom upgrades with experts like https://kitchencapital.com.au can help create the ideal space.

2. Have an Early Night

It’s something simple, but during busy and hectic schedules, it might be that you’re getting to bed late and then falling asleep as soon as your head hits the pillow. If you make an agreement to have an early night with your partner, you can then spend the time without distractions to talk and bond, without the risk of a late night and falling asleep.

3. Build a Tent in the Garden

Want to spend an evening at home with your partner but don’t necessarily want to be stuck in the house? On a warm summer’s evening, you may want a fun way to relax with your partner in your garden or outside space. Building a tent is a great way to cozy up together, look at the stars, catch up on conversation without the distractions of technology and just be with each other.

Make it more special with cozy throws, pillows, and fairy lights!


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