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More Sapphic Tracks for Your Valentine’s Day Playlist

Lesbian women hold hands on a date

Photo by Ketut Subiyanto

We are back with a new and improved Sapphic Valentine’s Day playlist featuring twenty additional tracks for your enjoyment this holiday and beyond. Whether you are adding them to last year’s collection or savoring them on their own, there’s a perfect song for every mood.  

From recent releases like Meghan Thee Stallion and Reneé Rapp’s “Not My Fault” and FLETCHER’s “Lead Me On” to timeless tracks like Holly Miranda’s “All I Want Is To Be Your Girl,” there’s something here for every emotion, from love and lust to heartbreak, and everything in between. 



1. Chappell Roan – “Red Wine Supernova”

This captivating melody radiates with the thrilling experience of enjoying a new fling.

Best lyric: I heard you like magic / I got a wand and a rabbit / So baby, let’s get freaky, get kinky / Let’s make this bed get squeaky”




2. Zolita – “Bloodstream”

“Bloodstream” has a lesbian beauty pageant music video. Need I say more?

Best lyric: “I wanna know how it feels to / Be in your DNA / Under your skin / The oxygen that you breathe”



3. Victoria Monét – “How Does It Make You Feel”

Dive into a soulful exploration of the depths of authentic love with this poetic ballad.  

Best lyric: “I’ll always love you with no compromise / Deeper than seas and higher than the sky”



4. Arlo Parks – “Weightless”

“Weightless” highlights the dread of waiting for someone who says they will “change.”

Best lyric: Tethered to the person you could be / Re-reading our texts from the strawberry days”



5. Rae Khalil – “Girlfriend”

This smooth rap track is for those who want to do everything and anything with their girl. 

Best lyric: Throw a dart on the map / For our next vacay / We never have to go to the same place”



6. Maddie Zahm – “Lights On Kind Of Lover”

For the girl that makes you see things in a whole new light. 

Best Lyrics: “Ooh, you feel so spiritual / Finally, a faith that I can follow”



7. Reneé Rap and Meghan Thee Stallion – “Not My Fault”

This gay girl anthem, with its Regina George-coded vibe, is a flawless reminder of just how hot you are. 

Best lyric: “Can a gay girl get an amen? (amen)”



8. Amandla Stenberg – “Let My Baby Stay”

Stenberg’s interpretation of Mac Demarco’s “Let My Baby Stay” infuses the love song with a queer essence, adding depth to its already poignant lyrics and melody. 

Best lyric: I was made to love her, been working at it / Half of my life, I’ve been an addict”



9. Nxdia – “She Likes a Boy”

Nxdia captures the torment of wishing you could be with someone who likes someone else. 

Best lyric: She’s half-Greek with a pretty face, strawberry lipgloss, oh it’s wasted on this dumb boy / who likes the chase, but why am I so angry in the first place?”



10. King Princess – “Ain’t Together”

King Princess’s homage to situationships may be uncomfortably relatable.  

Best lyric: We say, “I love you,” but we ain’t together / Do you think labels make it taste much better?” 



11. MUNA – “What I Want”

Be bold and go after what you want this holiday with this tune leading the way.

Best lyric: Shе’s dancing to the song / With all her leathеr on / I think we’ll get along / ‘Cause she’s got what I want, want, want”



12. Claud – “Soft Spot”

“Soft Spot” is about that person that makes you crumble just at the thought of them. 

Best lyric:I wish I left all my things at your place so I could come get them / We’d do things we might regret”



13. UMI – “Pretty Girl hi!”

Ask that pretty girl to be yours this Valentine’s Day with this track by UMI. 

Best lyric: I wish that maybe you could be mine / Wish that maybe you could be mine”



14. Holly Miranda – “All I Want Is To Be Your Girl”

A catchy reminder that love can surprise you when you are least expecting it. 

Best lyric: I wasn’t looking for love, but she found me / I got a lot of control when you’re not around me”



15. boygenius – “Emily I’m Sorry”

This tune captures the vulnerability of heartbreak and the desperate plea for forgiveness that often comes alongside it.

Best lyric: Emily, forgive me, can we / Make it up as we go along? / I’m twenty-seven, and I don’t know who I am / But I know what I want”



16. beabadoobee – “Coffee”

One way to say “I love you” is by making her a cup of coffee just how she likes it. 

Best lyric: And I’ll make a cup of coffee with the right amount of sugar / How you like it”



17. FLETCHER – “Lead Me On”

When a piece of someone is better than nothing at all. 

Best lyric:The thought of you is torture (The thought of you is torture) / But your heart is constantly runnin’ / Just never toward me”



18. Reneé Rap – “Pretty Girls”

 You know those straight girls who get drunk and want to kiss another girl? This song is about them.

Best lyric:I like a straight jacket / But it feels like it’s a little tight”



19. Chelsea Cutler – “Your Bones”

Chelsea Cutler’s lyrics in “Your Bones” encapsulate the essence of a love that runs deep and makes you feel like your best self. 

Best lyric:I love you down to your bones / Naked and afraid, they tell me that’s when you know”



20. girl in red – “i wanna be your girlfriend”

For those moments of longing for something more than friendship. 

Best lyric: I don’t wanna be your friend, I wanna kiss your lips”




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Sylvia Miller
Sylvia Miller
Sylvia Miller is a freelance journalist and student at the University of Wisconsin - Madison, where she majors in Political Science and is an arts writer at the student-run newspaper, The Daily Cardinal. She is currently based in Chicago and Madison. You can find her at @sylvia__miller on Twitter.