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Photos: 2016 FUSE Capital Pride Women’s Party
June 21, 2016
2016 Capital Pride Festival
Photos: 2016 Capital Pride Festival
June 22, 2016
Skirtchasers Web Series

Lately, it seems the LGBTQ community needs a new series to dish about. With a break from all of our usual digital series, Skirtchasers presented by Tello Films is a new web series that brings something sexy, witty, and comical to a mobile device or desktop screen near you.

With a star studded cast and incredible writers, you are bound to have some laughs and even eye openers that can relate to everyday lives. Elizabeth Keener, from The L Word, plays the character Robyn Samuels, and she recently sat down with us to give Tagg the scoop on the five-part webisodes.

According to Keener, Robyn, who is the main character, adds some sexiness and rawness to the story, as she is in search to find out why she is struggling with commitment issues from her lengthy list of failed relationships. “You will get a chance to see Robyn’s story unfold with some hilarious moments,” says Keener. “Robyn will take us down her crazy journey while seeking answers to her lifelong questions and personal issues.”

In the pilot, you get a sneak peek as to where Robyn’s commitment issues may stem from. Robyn’s father the successful novelist Damien Samuels, who is played by Barry Bostwick isn’t the ideal father and Meredith Baxter whom plays Robyn’s mother, gives you an interesting twist on family dynamics. You will see Robyn address some issues she has with her father that could have led to her most recent break up.

“This series will have the audience laughing, maybe some heartwarming tears with some of these moments in Robyn’s life. Her story will play on your heart strings” says Keener.

“I enjoyed playing Robyn. When I was reading the script, I couldn’t wait to start shooting. James and Stan are amazing writers,” Keener says. “This is just the beginning. We plan to make Skirtchasers an iconic web series.”

The writers are also aiming to give a different perspective about the dating life in LGBTQ community. You can catch the web series via Tello Films’ website along with unlimited access to a collection of more LGBTQ digital series. “I am extremely excited to be bringing this new series to life,” said Christin Baker, co-founder and CEO of tellofilms.com.

Rounding out the Skirtchasers cast are Katie Walder (How I Met Your Mother, Mad Men), Tangie Ambrose (In Plain Sight), Jessica Lu (Awkward), JJ Totah (Jessie), Valerie Ortiz (South of Nowhere, Hit the Floor), Shaughn Buchholz (Scrubs), Brandy Howard (The People’s Couch) and Clementine Ford (The L Word).

Tello also recently greenlit another web-pilot from Zimmerman & Berg called Secs & Execs. It will go into production late summer 2016.