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May 9, 2016
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Summer Style: Put Some Pep in Your Prep

Preppy Lesbian Photo

If summer fashion is on your mind, then you’re not alone. We already have the great outdoors, warm weather, beaches, boating, and picturesque sunsets at the forefront of ours, which means it’s also the perfect opportunity to start thinking about planning out some simple, yet fashionable summertime looks that are just right for beating the heat. This year we want you to put some pep in your prep—preppy style, that is—because clean, crisp fashion with a trendy twist is just what the season is calling for.

Our fashion inspiration boards below are meant to influence your clothing choices during the months ahead. They provide big impact with minimal effort, which is ideal for when you’d rather spend your free time with friends than digging through your closets searching for your next outfit. So before the temperatures reach their peaks, take a look at our selections for a super-stylish summer.

Casual Prep

First up, we have a look inspired by a feature over at DapperQ, “a premier queer style and empowerment website.” Styled by DapHer Gents and featuring clothing from Frank and Oak, we were definitely influenced by the models’ preppy, laid-back ensembles that channeled all the best parts of summer. This outfit is perfect for daytime wear and would be great for a boating excursion or for hanging at your favorite seaside lunch spot. Plus, these solid separates work just as well individually as they do together.


Pastel Prep
Dress Prep

Whether you’re indoors or out, an adorable shirtdress is perfect for beating the heat. Keeping with the preppy theme for summer, this next outfit is easy and breezy. But it’s also anchored by the weight of the stylish sneakers that, according to a trend report by Glamour, are popular for the 2016 season. The pastel colors are only enhanced by the natural straw and jute that really embody the organic feel of summertime hues and textures. This ensemble will carry you seamlessly through the warm weather months because you can wear this during a variety of different occasions with ease.


Nautical Prep
Casual Prep

This last look incorporates bolder colors offset by neutral leather details and natural materials, like woven sisal. This is perfect for casual outings. Whether you’re running errands or grabbing an afternoon cocktail with a pal, you will look chic no matter your agenda. The striped tank lends a casual nautical feel and will look great paired with other colors, similar to the bold chinos and baseball cap pictured above. Fortunately, Lyst has your summer trend needs covered thanks to their hand-selected and curated collection, which highlights the brown gladiator sandal that’s making a comeback for the season.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our prep-inspired outfits for a stylish summer. With bold colors balanced by classic cuts and natural materials, we’ve successfully combined timeless clothing with trendy pieces for three looks that are very wearable. Whether it’s on the boat, by the beach, or during a casual rendezvous, these ensembles will have you covered for all of your daytime activities this season.