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Survey Says: How SCOTUS Completely Changed the Game for Queer Weddings

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If you’re getting married this year, let us be the first to congratulate you. Yes, on the whole marriage thing. But on an equally important note, you’re also a part of the most diverse generation of marrying couples ever. See, a year after the historic decision by the Supreme Court of the United States, which struck down bans on marriage between partners of the same-sex, things are changing big time. The LGBTQ community faces so many new opportunities planning their weddings. The entire landscape is almost unrecognizable from just a few years ago.

financial support statsTo learn exactly how things changed, GayWeddings teamed up with WeddingWire, Community Marketing & Insights, and the Gay Wedding Institute to conduct some research on same-sex weddings. And, after questioning upwards of 1400 couples, the results are in. And, wow, have things changed since 2013.

For one thing, families are way more supportive. Back in 2013, it was estimated that only 46 percent of parents supported their child’s same-sex wedding. Since then, the number has jumped up 60 percent. It might not be as nice as the 86 percent average approval straight couples receive, but we’re headed in the right direction.

It takes more than emotional support to plan a wedding, and we’re also happy to report that the percentage of same-sex couples that receive financial support from their family has increased. In 2013, about 79 percent of same-sex couples paid for all or most of their own wedding, and now that figure is 74 percent.

creative weddingsAnother byproduct of marriage equality becoming the law of the land in all 50 states is the fact that so many are now getting married in their home states, making for a (slightly) cheaper wedding. Before 2013, 75 percent of all same-sex couples were getting married in California, New York, Washington, D.C., Massachusetts, or Iowa. But thanks to SCOTUS, roughly 77 percent of couples are now getting married at home.

And, these weddings tend more towards the traditional. Creative weddings are cool and all, but for the 79 percent of couples surveyed who choose weddings with a ceremony, reception and guests, nothing beats tradition. It’s a huge change from just a few years prior, when only 43 percent of couples went down the traditional path.

Thousands of couples are taking advantage of opportunities that previous generations could only dream of. Sometimes a simple wedding, cake and all, can mean so much more.

Source: 2016 Survey of Contemporary & Current Wedding Trends