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New book helps women navigate the lesbian dating scene

Co-authors Loretta Becker and Andrea DiMattia have joined forces to share their individual experiences and reflections on the world of lesbian dating in their new book Women, Do You Know What You Really Want? The “comprehensive and easy-to-read resource” was created for women seeking help and guidance in dealing with the unique challenges of dating within the lesbian community.

Published by AuthorHouse. with cover art by award-winning artist and graphic designer Toon Perkins, the book is available in softcover and e-book editions.

Women, Do You Know What You Really Want? offers practical advice, coaching, and guidance to help lesbian daters deal with relevant concerns and personal issues. The book explores a range of topics, including online dating, finances, dating people with children, sex toys, and structured approaches to identifying personal wants and desires. The self-reflection worksheets associated with each chapter help readers clarify expectations, identify preferences, and isolate the specific attributes of dating prospects that are personally desirable.

“In time, if you are open to the journey, you will find great love–but it all starts with you,” said Becker and DiMattia.





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