DC Black Pride

May 22, 2014

Femme Problems 123: A Broke Femme’s Guide to DC Black Pride

One of my favorite things about living in Washington, D.C. is Pride season. The weather is hot, the trees are blooming, and everyone starts breaking out their light attire. DC Black Pride is always my first guaranteed opportunity to break out my "light attire" and celebrate with the drool worthy folks I am happy to call queer family.
May 20, 2014

Time to Freak Out for DC Black Pride

One of the best things about being queer in the chocolate city is that time of year when the snow is as good as gone, the neighbors are playing go-go music, and DC Black Pride invites start rolling in.
June 4, 2013
Earl D. Fowlkes, Jr. with guests at DC Black Pride event

Still Relevant After 23 Years: Why DC Black Pride is Important for the LGBT Community

Why D.C. Black Pride is important for the LGBT community

By Earl D. Fowlkes, Jr. Washington, D.C., hosts the 23rd Annual Black Pride over the 2013 Memorial Day weekend. D.C. Black Pride is the oldest Black Pride gathering in the world.