July 8, 2022
woman and man in hoodies

What Is Compulsory Heterosexuality and How Can I Unlearn It?

Have you ever wondered if you were genuinely attracted to […]
April 14, 2015

Top List Tuesday: 20 Things Lesbians are Tired of Explaining

Who’s the man? Why don’t you guys just call it […]
February 25, 2014

From Caposhi to Crunk: A Look at the Black Feminist Journey

I’m Black History Month, or as I like to call it, Black Herstory Month! As, I thumbed through my stack of commentary on the topic; I came across an article on people of color (POC) presence in feminist movements.
February 3, 2014

Femme Problems 114: To Shave or Not To Shave…

In the woman’s world, shaving is an artform. From adolescence to adulthood, we femmes spend our entire lives wrestling with the razor, trying all sorts of products that burn, pinch, and rip our follicles to shreds.