January 27, 2016
Scene from The Girl King, Tagg Magazine

A Review of ‘The Girl King’

The father of our protagonist, Kristina, dies when she is […]
June 3, 2014

‘Heterosexual Jill’ Plays at Pride Film Festival

Heterosexual Jill, a film by Michelle Ehlen, opens with main character Jill in a support group for “ex-lesbians,” called Better Day Tomorrow. The group leader says fantastic things like, “attraction is a beast that needs to be tamed, not taunted” and that “any man we can catch is worth catching.”
June 2, 2014

A Review of 'Just Gender'

More often than not, the LGB community omits and neglects the people and importance of the T in our acronym. Despite being dubbed by various news outlets as “The next civil rights frontier”, it is all too easy to misunderstand, misrepresent and misplace the transgender community.