May 17, 2024
A young woman lies on a couch. In her lap is a laptop that she looks to be working on.

Disconnected: How the Mental Health of Queer BIPOC Youth is Impacted by the Connectivity Outage

In an era where internet access is nearly ubiquitous, consider […]
May 12, 2024
A young Black woman stands tall against a blue sky. She has short coily hair and wears a black tank top. Her face is almost entirely obscured by large reflective visor-like sunglasses.

4 Sci-Fi Movies and TV Shows That Center Diverse Queer Young Women

It has always been rare for young women to see […]
May 9, 2024
A young Asian woman looks into a mirror as she puts on hoop earrings. She has long auburn hair with blunt bangs. She wears makeup, specifically a thick black cat-eye wing on each eye.

7 Things Not to Say to Trans Youth… And What to Say Instead

Since I was three, I understood that I wasn’t a […]
July 20, 2023
young queer america

Creating Community for Young Queer America

From book bans in the classroom to bans on gender-affirming […]