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February 11, 2019
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February 15, 2019

Tagg Nation Podcast Ep. 119 – Congress Has a New Look, Supporting Jussie Smolett and the L Word Reboot

Four newly elected officials

(Photo: eznws.com)

We have a lot to talk about this week!

We start off with our ice breaker asking, “What is one thing you’re going to do to love yourself better this month?”

Congress has a new look and we are absolutely here for it. 117 women were elected into Congress with 102 being elected into the House. And, who doesn’t love Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (aka AOC)?

Recently, actor and singer Jussie Smollet was viciously attacked in a hate crime and we ALL should support him.

Oh…and Jade paid off her student loans! We all know that’s quite the victory.

Thanks for the reviews on iTunes. Keep ’em coming. We always enjoy reading them on the show.







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