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Tagg Team Thursday: Sondra Rose Marie

Welcome back to Tagg Team Thursdays! Last time you all met the illustrious Angelo. Today we will be introducing another one of our fantastic writers to you all. Meet Sondra!

Name: Sondra Rose Marie

Age: 29

Single, in a relationship, or it’s complicated? So very single.

What do you do and why do you do it?
I wait tables because working in an office 9-5 was literally making me crazy. I love cash and free time, so this job allows me have both. With my free time I get to write for Tagg and I’m thankful I can contribute to my community that way.

What was the most rewarding part of coming out?
Not having to go along with strangers’ assumptions that I’m straight. I used to live in the South so I stayed in the closet at work (there is no legal protection against discrimination based on sexual orientation in the workplace in Virginia) and there were so many upsetting comments from my coworkers about LGBTQ individuals and the type of man I should date. When I moved to LA, I was finally able to be out 100% and it feels AMAZING.

What is your favorite social media app?
Instagram. It’s let me curate a feed where everything is woke and feminist, memes, and puppies. Also, I can block haters, which is everything.

Biggest pet peeve:
When people say, “Yeah it sucks, but what can you do about it?” and shrug off issues that they could actually make a difference in if they tried. I’d rather they just say, “Yes it sucks but it doesn’t effect me enough to do anything about it,” because at least that would be honest.

Favorite emoji: 💖 Sparkle Heart! 💖

If you were a clothing store, what store would you be and why?
There’s a little boutique in mid-city LA called Mona Lisa Lingerie that sells all these femme-y clothes up front and bold lingerie in the back… that’s me. Customers are always talking each other up as they try on clothes in there and the owner, Janet, is the ultimate hype girl. I’m totally that friend who amps everyone up.

What do you like to do on the weekends?
Sleep and find bodies of water to immerse myself in: pools, bathtubs, hot tubs, the ocean, wherever.

What’s one issue you are passionate about?
Marginalized communities standing in solidarity with one another. We are so much more powerful working together than we are apart. I remember being so annoyed by the amount of hatred I got from the black community as I was coming out. I’m actually still getting it and at this point I’m just over it. I feel the same way when I see people who identify as LGB or Q hate on individuals who identify as T. It doesn’t make any sense to me.

If you could pick anyone in the world to be president, who would it be and why?
I know she won’t ever take the position, but Michelle Obama is my dream president. She’s smart, she’s woke as a feminist and a POC, and she’s got a sharp edge she toned down in her time as First Lady that I would love to see in full effect as President.

I’m torn on this though because I saw all the sexism lobbed at Hillary Clinton as she ran last year and I know we’d see that amplified through the addition of racism if Michelle Obama ran. She has no obligation to go through all of that to try and lead a nation that has treated her with so much disrespect already. But I think we’re all losing out by not having her in the White House.

What’s one thing you want to be remembered by?
Empowering the people around me to do better than I did. As many dreams and goals as I plan to realize in my life, I want my friends and family coming up behind me to have the means and drive to go beyond my successes and make the world even better for the next generation. If I can make my legacy a rung on a ladder that leads my communities further and further into equality and unfiltered joy, I’ll be happy about that.

Vickey D Casey
Vickey D Casey
Vickey is a tiny traveler extraordinaire with a knack for finding free fun. She is a D.C. transplant with Caribbean roots and flies a flag with colors pink, lavender, and blue.