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Teazled Makes LGBT Greeting Cards Available on Amazon

Teazled LGBT Greeting Card

Teazled, LLC, a pioneer in the manufacturing of greeting cards for the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community, has found a new way to empower families and support the community.

Teazled’s line of tasteful and family-appropriate cards is now available on and addresses all major seasonal holidays and most standard occasions, which are seldom, if ever, recognized by other publishers of LGBT cards. 

Teazled is not just a greeting card company; it is a poignant way to share the stories of the LGBT community with their families. Their signature line of “Coming Out” and “Support” cards are fashioned in a way to give words to conflict and create resolution to the unique struggles of LGBT people and the families that care for them.

The Teazled dream started in 2004 when owners, Dina Proto and Dina Poist-Proto (Dom) celebrated their first Mothers’ Day together. At that time, their oldest daughter (then 17 years old) couldn’t find a card to give to her Moms that she didn’t have to edit. That experience was the catalyst that put the Poist-Proto family on a journey to fill the void for families like theirs in the greeting card industry. 

The duo is now excited to expand their message and cards to Amazon. For more information about Teazled, click here.