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May 28, 2024
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Tello Films Welcomes Filmmaker Alexandra Swarens’ Works For the First Time

Alexandra Swarens (L) and Christin Baker (R) pose together against a step and repeat at a GLAAD event.

Tagg Magazine is excited to share news that sapphic film and production company, Tello Films, will now house filmmaker Alexandra Swarens’ captivating works on their iconic platform. This exciting move enhances Tello Film’s already impressive catalog of content for lesbians and queer women and will share Swarens’ creative genius with more viewers looking for representation.

Among the works available on Tello Films, subscribers will be pleased to find Swarens’ beloved  LA Web Series. The series tells the love story of two young women, initially strangers, and weaves a heartfelt tale of connection, brimming with reminiscences of the past and ponderings of the future.

For our readers who live for the magic of love stories set in hometowns during cozy winter festivities, Swarens’ holiday movies are joining the catalog of sapphic romcoms already on Tello Films! Lose yourself in the sweet holiday ambiance of City of Trees and Looking for Her. These enchanting films promise to thaw even the coldest of hearts with their timeless tales of love and joy.

Tello Films will also feature Swarens’ film Over Easy, which follows the adventures of two women embarking on a weekend trip with the hopes of reconnecting and salvaging their troubled relationship.

In addition to feature-length films and her web series, Tello Films will also house two of Swarens’ short films.

Tello Films is well-known for offering unique and quality for (and often by) queer women. The company offers subscribers an extensive library of original films, shorts, and web series that can be enjoyed at a moment’s notice.

This partnership between Swarens and Tello Films illustrates the company’s commitment to ensuring that their community always has access to stories of women who love the same way they do. We can’t wait to see how this partnership opens doors for Swarens and Tello Films to collaborate again in the future!


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Sondra Rose Marie
Sondra Rose Marie
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