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May 31, 2024
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June 9, 2024

Any Given Sunday – Part 1

🍑💦 This story is part of Tagg After Dark, an erotica collection exclusively for readers 18+.🍑💦


The sun shone brightly, heating the cab of the truck as I pulled out of the drive for the farm. I roll the windows down for a breeze in my hair and feel the truck rattle beneath me. A casual check of the rearview mirror and I spot another vehicle revving way too fast down the country road. I recognize it as a truck from the farm where I just surveyed the livestock. The insanely attractive farm assistant sits behind the wheel. Not attractive. Fuckable.

Thick legs and a roped chest beneath their worn t-shirt. Close-cropped hair jutting from beneath their hat. Need I mention their ass? I found myself distracted whilst in the middle of a calving procedure at the thought of riding that bare ass until I came with my fingernails leaving tendrils down their back. I badly wanted to know if they felt the same.

At this moment they just look angry. One of their strong hands whips out of the window and indicates I should pull over. I must have left something at the farm, so I oblige. Hopping down and leaning up against the cab, I get more time to stare at them as they angrily approach. Little do they know an angry dyke can make me beg.

“We noticed some cash missing right after you left. Hands up against the truck so I can search you.”

Puzzled, I asked, “Why not just report me? I left my card, you know where I work.”

“Just shut up and do what I ask,” they growl close to my ear and a shiver runs down my spine. Their hands reach around to investigate my front pockets and their hips press into me. I can feel their cock. My cunt is slowly soaking at the thought of that cock railing me against my truck. I picture one hand deep in my hair, the other grinding into my clit until my pussy cums, throbbing.

Involuntarily I reach behind to grab their ass and hold them to me. I get instant gratification feeling their whole body press into me. They groan, “Not here.”


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Sharkey is a queer, gender non-binary, DMV native with a ubiquitous cat and too many books.