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The Essence of Good Sleep

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Unbeknownst to many is the fact that a good night’s sleep is actually important to one’s health. While activities like watching what we eat and exercising are ideal practices, they should go hand in hand with a good night’s sleep in order for one to realize any benefits from all their toil. Though it might mean you have to look into a little mattress history, experts suggest a good mattress for the best comfort.

Civilization has brought with it numerous benefits in how we lead our lives. However, the prioritization of work over everything has seen a dip in sleep quality, most especially in the big cities. We’ve highlighted a couple of pointers in order to elucidate the essence of good sleep. Read on!

Weight Gain
Scientists have produced conclusive evidence to point out that obesity is closely associated with poor sleeping habits. A number of factors like hormones and the lack of motivation to exercise obviously play a big role because of imbalances in the system.

Individuals seeking to shed a couple of pounds thus need to ensure that they get a good shut-eye on the regular. Else, they will fall to the side-effects of sleep deprivation like increased appetite. Having a large appetite can lead to the overconsumption of calories.

Appetite hormones like ghrelin, responsible for appetite stimulation, and leptin, responsible for the suppression of appetite, are affected when individuals tend to have insufficient levels of sleep.

People who sleep less are prone to get chronic illnesses like heart disease. On the other hand, individuals who have good-quality sleep are less likely to get such maladies. This is because good-quality sleep decreases the work-rate of the heart and blood pressure.

Lack of sleep can lead to increased insulin resistance, this can be potentially dangerous due to the threat of type 2 diabetes development and heart disease.

At times, poor sleeping habits can be involuntary, like in the case of individuals who have sleep apnea. Tackling the snoring issue can be quite an arduous task, luckily, Apneatreatmentcenter.Com offer a couple of helpful insights on the matter.

Concentration and Productivity
The brain is important in our day-to-day functioning because it is responsible for a myriad of things like cognition, productivity, concentration, and performance. Sleep deprivation tends to negate the efficiency of the brain in performing these tasks.

A study on medical interns working a couple of extra hours on night shift was able to conclude that they were prone to making medical errors because of sleep deprivation. Good-quality sleep has been known to improve a number of problem-solving skills with relative ease and the enhancement of memory capabilities in both children and adults.

Athletic Performance and Physical Prowess
Studies conducted on a number of basketball players showed that the players who had good-quality sleep tended to have impressive accuracy levels, speed, faster reaction times and mental wellbeing. Among the elderly, sleep deprivation has been known to cause poor exercise performance and tends to limit their functioning. The elderly with poor sleeping habits usually have lower grip strength, slower walking rates and find it difficult performing strenuous independent activities.






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