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If last week’s episode hit me in the feels, this one knocked me off my feet and reminded me why I’m in therapy. I suppose I’m being dramatic, but what’s a girl supposed to say after a musical episode, a surprise guest star, and existential questions about who you are destined to be with?

This week’s episode starts in typical L Word fashion: with a lot of sex. Shane is having an orgy with three naked women, and when Alice walks in on them, she tells Shane: “that’s a lot of naked people on my velvet couch.” Alice is heading to a work retreat in the desert, and given Shane’s fragile condition after her breakup with Tess, Alice suggests that she come along with her, Sophie, and the rest of her employees.

When Alice, Sophie, and Shane arrive to the retreat, Alice tells them they are here for “team building and drugs.” The three of them are led into a large tent, where they are asked: what would you like the universe to show you? Alice asks if she will ever find the one, Shane questions why she blows shit up, and Sophie wonders whether Finley is right for her.

And then all of a sudden we’re in a 1940s musical that feels like a gayer version of Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist and La La Land, and I’m absolutely here for it.

In this universe, Shane is a sailor who is in love with a musical performer played by Tess, but she struggles to be with Tess when she has so many other suitors coming after her.

Finley and Sophie are on a black and white sitcom called Finley’s Home, and when Micah and Maribel come over for dinner, Finley lies and says that Sophie has laryngitis to keep her from speaking. Finley is over the top and self-centered – and kisses Dani, who appears to be the director of their sitcom. By the end of dinner, Sophie has had it with being quiet, and sings an incredible number called “All About Me,” only to realize how much space Finley is taking up in their relationship.

The highlight of this episode was Alice, who is on a game show called “Name That Flaw,” where she has to list the flaws of her exes. After reflecting on her past relationships with Tom, Taylor, Nat, and Teddy, she is asked about her own biggest flaw, and she says it’s pushing people away. That wins her the prize of the evening – her dream partner – and it’s Dana Fairbanks (Erin Daniels). My jaw dropped open in surprise. The two sing a song about their perfect life, which references tennis, cats, and Alice’s bad jokes.

Afterwards, Dana teases Alice about her past relationships, including the throuple, and suggests that Alice might be looking for Dana in everyone she meets. Alice sings a song called “Nobody’s You” that just about broke my heart, and tries to stay in this world with Dana. But Dana says there is still someone out there for Alice, and hints that it’s someone who kind of knew Dana.

Before you know it, we’re back in 2022, and Alice almost kisses Shane, perhaps trying to figure out Dana’s clue, but it’s just the drugs. Sophie breaks up with Finley because she realizes that she’s not her full self when she is with Finley, and Shane runs back to Tess, only to find out that Tess’s mom has just passed away.

At the end of the episode, Alice tries to decode Dana’s message, when all of a sudden, she sees her book, which thanks to Tom, has a chapter about Dana in it, and she texts him. Could he be the one? Only time will tell! Also shout-out to Erin Daniels for talking to me about her iconic role and this episode!

Becca’s Rankings

Sexiest Scene: Shane with three naked women . . . until Alice walks in on them.

Most OMG-Moment: Erin Daniels made her return as Dana Fairbanks!

Funniest Moment: Alice tells Shane: “There’s no gentle way to say this, but you are kind of a fucking mess.”

Best Musical Moment: Sophie belting “All About Me” and then killing that rap and the key change.

Who will sleep together next? I think Tom and Alice because Dana said the person Alice is destined to be with kind of knows Dana, and he helped Alice with her book chapter on Dana!



Becca Damante
Becca Damante
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