3 Simple Things You Can Do on the Weekend to Refresh

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3 Simple Things You Can Do on the Weekend to Refresh

Woman at desk with a bored look

Woman at desk with a bored look

Between the hustle and bustle of work and everything that’s going on at home, it is not uncommon to feel a bit stressed and tired even before the weekend arrives. Fortunately, there are plenty of things you can do over the weekend to freshen up and recharge. To help you get started, these are some of my most favorite things to do on the weekend to refresh, to give you some ideas.

Go Out for a Drive

Nothing feels better than being able to just go out and take a drive. It doesn’t have to be a drive to somewhere far or an expensive trip that you’ll regret later. A simple drive around town while enjoying the scenery – scenery that we often miss during workday commutes nonetheless – is often enough to refresh.

Driving will help with focus. As you concentrate on the road ahead, you’ll gradually feel so much better and refreshed. You can even stop at certain spots and take pictures. Another good idea is to drive to a nearby hiking spot and take a quick walk.

If you don’t have a valid driving license yet, this is a good reason to get one. You can check this site out for resources that can help you pass your driving license test. Once you get your license, you can turn driving into a fun activity that you look forward to.

Take On a DIY Project

Not all of us are blessed with the skills – and patience – to complete a DIY project, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t give one a try. There are plenty of projects that don’t require a lot of time and skills (or tools) to complete. You can even take on a home remodeling project.

Always start with a light project that you can complete in one weekend. Crafts are always fun to do and a DIY bedroom makeover is a good place to start. With a lighter project, you can relax without adding an extra burden to your weekend. Keep the project light and entertaining and you’ll have an amazing weekend for sure.

Spend Time with the Family

Of course, the best way to unwind after a long week at work is to spend more time with the family. There is no shortage of things to do with the entire family. Going out on a family picnic, visiting the local zoo or amusement park, and even spending the day watching a live sporting event or going shopping can be so much fun.

The happy faces of your kids and all of those jokes and laughter you will have are great remedies for fatigue and tiredness. You’ll stop thinking about work too, which is always a good thing. After the weekend, you’ll feel so much better and fully recharged.

These are some of the simple things that will help you recharge after a long week at work or handling home-related tasks. What about you? What are your favorite things to do on weekends? Be sure to share them in the comments section below.


Maggie Hammond is a retired nurse and freelance writer, exploring and writing in the U.S. in retirement. An advocate for public health and nursing qualifications, she feels passionate about raising awareness of the current strain on public health organizations.

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