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Top List Tuesday: 5 Self-Defense Techniques You Didn't Know You Could Use

Defend Yourself is hosting their LGBTQ self-defense class on October 25. Defend Yourself works to empower people—especially women and others targeted for abuse and assault—to end violence and create a world where they can be fully themselves.

In honor of the upcoming class designed specifically for the queer community, we give you the top five self-defense techniques you didn’t know you could use.

5. A Loud Voice Can Stop Someone In Their Tracks

My Little Ponies, Tagg Magazine



4. You Don’t Have To Be Big Or Strong To Stomp On Someone’s Foot

Tagg Magazine - Foot Stomp

Photo: Ayni Sastrowiredjo


3. Good Weapons Are All Around You


2. It’s Not The Size Of Dog In The Fight


1. Never Underestimate The Power Of A Good Groin Strike


For more tips and to register for Queer Without Fear: LGBTQ Self-Defense class, visit

Ebone Bell
Eboné F. Bell
Eboné is the founder and Editor of Tagg Magazine. In addition to running a queer women’s publication, she shares her knowledge and passion as a keynote speaker at conferences, schools, and events across the country.