Trump Tweets Announcement of Ban on Transgender Service Members
July 26, 2017
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July 27, 2017

Twitter Responds to Trump’s Transgender Ban

Whenever big news breaks, celebrations happen, bad news descends, or President Trump has things to say, Twitter provides a platform for people to share. This morning, Trump tweeted his thoughts on the transgender humans serving and sacrificing for their country.


Thankfully, many took to the same social media platform to let the President and those who agree with him their thoughts on these statements. Here are screenshots of a few that caught out eye:

1. Former VP and half of the previous administration’s bromance, which we sorely miss, left this concise jewel.2. A moral reminder from the queer queen of daytime TV.

3.  Some important job numbers from Joan Coaston.

4. This situation would not be complete without a bit of financial irony.


5. Of course, the voices of those who have served this country alongside transgender people                are extraordinarily important here.


6. A real struggle for some trans people just trying to live their lives, courtesy of Matt Mellassai.

7. While many of us do not agree with John McCain on healthcare, he does have thoughts we               might appreciate about this.


We wait with baited breath to see what will happen next. Until then, thank you Twitter for keeping us going.




Vickey D Casey
Vickey D Casey
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