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February 5, 2016
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February 9, 2016
Androgynous fashion in tagg magazine

A creative take on androgynous fashion

Chocolates, next. Flowers, maybe. Stuffed animals that say, “Be Mine” with your girlfriend’s voice recorded in its heart, please don’t. Suspenders, nailed it!

This year, change it up. Pick a theme like Mad Men, a different country, or a time period like the roaring twenties and get into character with your wife, partner, girlfriend, or friend. Put on an outfit that reflects that time period, or geography, and if you can find a restaurant with an ambiance to match, that’s even better.

This year, I’m going speakeasy style, mainly because I love the fashion from that time period. Throw on a pair of suspenders and button-up shirt to rock the 1920s bootlegger look—which is making a comeback—at one of your favorite speakeasies.

Add a menswear fitted vest. In my opinion, TOPMAN has great looking vests that fit a woman’s body pretty well.

If you’re someone who likes hats, complete the look with a traditional newsboy style cap like they did in the “old days”—the kind maybe your grandfather still wears.

Some of my favorite suspenders are from You can choose whether or not you want a skinny suspender or a regular width suspender. You can also choose between a clip style and a loop style.

Most women’s pants are suited for clip style, but I do, however, love the old-school feel of the loop. Something about these pants make me want to just start a Great Gatsby style gay-bar where all they serve are old fashions, martinis, and something that has muddled basil or mint because I feel like every cocktail bar needs something muddled on their menu.

Finish the look off with a pair of red wing boots, a pair of wingtips from the brand Wanted or some Oxfords from Dr. Martens. They too are making a big comeback. Despite the rumors, however, JNCO jeans are not making a comeback—so don’t do it.

If you are feeling fancy and high fashion, try a pair of killer Christian Louboutin wingtips. They will cost you a pretty penny, but they are definitely a “stop and stare” type of shoe.

Moral of the story—you go out to dinner all the time, so why not turn Valentine’s Day into a fun, romantic date that isn’t like every other night out. And remember, nothing says, “I love you”, like a pair of new suspenders or wingtips. #romantic


Kelly Kolker is the owner and blogger for, an androgynous fashion blog.