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Valentine’s Day Proposals: 4 Crucial Mistakes To Avoid

Lesbian Proposal

It’s the most romantic time of the year so it’s great if you want to propose to your partner on Valentine’s Day. However, make sure you avoid any potential pitfalls that can kill the mood.


1. Going in Without a Ring

Not having a ring is considered the biggest mistake people make when proposing, and this is because it feels like an anti-climax. Make sure you take your time to choose the right ring and do your homework. The most important element of a diamond ring is the diamond cut—this influences how much it sparkles. Of course, you should always take your partner’s taste into account (a best friend can help you make the best choice). A fun idea is to choose matching rings that will mark the moment in a special way for you both. If you know your partner would want to choose their own ring, you can still give them a band that can later be updated according to their preferences.


2. Not Paying Attention to Setting

Although it’s great to have a surprising and highly romantic setting that comes guaranteed with Valentine’s Day, bear in mind that you should also ensure the proposal is intimate and private. If you are choosing to propose in public, make sure that you will get time with your partner to share in the moment alone together. You don’t want to feel that your proposal is taken over by those around you, such as loved ones who can become loud and boisterous. It’s also important to know your partner will be comfortable in the setting. If they’re shy and introverted, a loud and public proposal probably doesn’t sound romantic to them.


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