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Top 5 Queer Moments from the Resurrected Netflix Show Warrior Nun

Scene from Warrior Nun

(Photo: Netflix)

Amid constant fan campaigns to save canceled queer women-centric shows, a rare triumph came in late June: The cancelled Netflix show Warrior Nun was declared saved. The show wrapped its second season last year with romantic declarations between the main character Ava (Alba Baptista) and her friend Sister Beatrice (Kristina Tonteri-Young). Resurrection details are scarce, but if it comes to fruition, this is a win for queer women, who deserve more of the epic Beatrice-Ava (Avatrice) romance and overarching story of an unlikely “Chosen One” who must use a heavenly-powered halo to help a group of nuns fight evil.

To celebrate Warrior Nun’s resurrection, Tagg selected the queerest moments in the show thus far. Spoilers alert!


5. Jealousy abounds – Season 2, Episode 2

Season 2 is rife with Ava and Beatrice jealousy scenes, but here are the queerest: First, during a stakeout with hunky Miguel (Jack Mullarkey), Ava accuses Beatrice of jealousy, and Beatrice’s reaction is classic gay panic—eyes wide and fluttering, a babbling protestation. Later, a pretty woman flirts with Beatrice, and Ava looks on, perturbed. These scenes made me finally believe Avatrice was really canon.

ava gets new clothes

4. Ava gets new clothes and a pep talk – Season 1, Episode 4

While Ava and Chanel (May Lifschitz), a friend of her crush JC (Emilio Sakraya), pick out a new, classy outfit for Ava, Ava laments that she’s never had a chance to figure out who she is – in general and regarding a fashion style. In response, Chanel says, “your clothes don’t define you; you define your image for the world.” The conversation’s queer identity theme is unstated, but obvious, and beautiful. 


warrior nun in a bar

3. Dancing in a bar – Season 2, Episode 1

Ava and Beatrice uncharacteristically get drunk/tipsy and dance at a bar. The touches, Beatrice lip-bite, and lustful staring and heart eyes from Ava that then unfold scream sexual tension. The jealousy scenes made me believe, but this gave me hope, because despite being PG, it’s undeniably so so steamy.


2. Beatrice comes out – Season 1, Episode 8

Beatrice tells Ava about Sister Melanie, a former Warrior Nun persecuted for being gay. The point of the story is for Ava to learn a related lesson in using the halo powers, but things diverge when Beatrice adds that she was persecuted like Melanie, and it made her hate who she is. Realizing Beatrice is gay, Ava tenderly says, “don’t hate what you are; what you are is beautiful.” Besides the questionable omittance of the word “lesbian,” this is a gorgeous coming out scene, and it’s bolstered by the varied adoration Ava shows for Beatrice throughout the two stories.


1. The kiss – Season 2, Episode 8

Making up for an arguably frustrating slow-burn, the finale delivered so much Avatrice greatness. It ended with “I love yous” (the circumstances were too sad to put it on this list), and it began with this perfect kiss scene. Beatrice tries to keep Ava from facing their enemy alone, but Ava instead pulls Beatrice close and kisses her tenderly. Once past her shock, Beatrice engages just as passionately. Both shed tears as Ava then bids goodbye and departs. The emotion, chemistry, lighting, music—I think all our queer lady hearts died from the collective magic.

We can only guess what other queer magic will come when Warrior Nun returns, but stay tuned to Tagg for potential updates. For now, though, we hope these scenes can help hold you over, and we bid goodbye, or rather, in this life or the next.



Amanda Ostuni
Amanda Ostuni
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