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The Coolots

We’re getting closer to the big Women Fuck Shit Up DC Fest on March 24, and we are stoked to highlight another kick ass band!

The CooLots, a group of four womxn and one man originally hailing from D.C., embodies a sound that the RAW community describes as a “melting pot of different styles and talents [that] come together to create feelings never experienced before.” Each member of the band has their own unique music identity, but come together to create an eccentric sound you can’t help but rock out to. “The CooLots are not here to fit in,” they explain. “We refuse to be bound by industry standards and societal expectations; rather, we use our platform to inspire personal evolution and growth. We are here to indulge the hip grinders, the lyrically inclined, the head bangers, and the soul sisters.” 

The CooLots

Name: The CooLots—Dappho the Flow-er, Crys C, Asha BOOMCLAK Santee, AwesomeRita, and Huggie
Location: The D.C., Maryland, and Virginia area
How do you identify? Four females one male
Pronouns: She/ Her/Hers and He/Him/His

When and how did you first become involved in music?
We started seven years ago in March in a basement on Rhode Island Avenue NE.

How is music attached to your identity? Does your identity play an integral part in the development of your music?
We are people of color in a racist, sexist, money over everything society who still thrive and find beauty, love, and gratitude. We cannot help but bring our personal experiences into our art from “AmeriKKKa” and “Bodies” to “IWU” (I Want You) and “ETSS” (Every Time She Smiles).

Who or what is your inspiration and why?
Life inspires us. Current events, lovers, musicians, struggle, and triumph inspire us.

Why are you playing at WFSU DC?
This concert benefits those who are marginalized and shunned in society. We know how that feels and appreciate being a part of something to counteract the negativity around being different.

How do you fuck shit up?
We’ll put “AmeriKKKA” in the set and you all can see for yourselves at the show. POW!

Can’t get enough of the CooLots? Watch their latest video “Doors”!


Kristen Voorhees
Kristen Voorhees
Kristen is a community organizer and communications entrepreneur living in DC proper. Co-founder of the QREW, Kristen also engages in advocacy and small business empowerment through her public relations expertise.