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July 18, 2013
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July 18, 2013

Historic Merger Means New Opportunities for D.C.’s Lesbian Community

Mautner Project

By Jade Salazar

An exciting collaboration has come to D.C.’s LGBT community. On June 3, Mautner Project: The National Lesbian Health Organization announced it will be merging with Whitman-Walker Health, and both organizations are committed to expanding patient outreach and patient services.

For decades, Whitman-Walker Health has been dedicated to providing the highest quality health care to D.C.’s LGBT community, but though they offer women’s services, they haven’t fully met the needs of the lesbian community).  This is the void that Mautner Project is sure to fill with this upcoming collaboration.

Mautner Project has helped D.C.’s lesbian, bisexual, and transgender communities for more than 20 years by providing health and wellness programs like weight loss, smoking cessation, cancer screening, and culturally sensitive support groups. The group has been rocked by declining funding for smaller organizations. Now, with access to Whitman-Walker’s expansive services and funding, the groups can now offer clients access to mammography and breast health services, gynecology, dental and pharmacy services, and even legal support.

“We’re very pleased with the collaboration. We’re very happy about the opportunity it’s going to present for us, especially reaching out to lesbian and bisexual women and making sure we’re doing all that we can to provide high quality health care to that community,” says Chip Lewis, Deputy Director of Communications at Whitman-Walker.

Mautner Project has moved its operations to Whitman-Walker’s 14th Street headquarters, lead by Jacquetta Brooks, Mautner’s Director of Client Services, and Meghan Davies, Whitman-Walker Health’s Director of Community Health. This historic merger is sure to be the beginning of a bright future for both organizations while ushering in a new era in client services for D.C.’s LGBT community.

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