Why Cigar Smoking Isn’t Just For Men

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Why Cigar Smoking Isn’t Just For Men

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Even though cigar smoking might not be conventionally thought of as the most feminine activity in the world, the reality is that it is indeed an indulgence enjoyed every bit as much by women as men.  In fact, despite the stereotype of the early-20th-century, men smoking cigars during card games and at boxing matches, cigars have been as much of a mainstay with women for quite a long time.


But is there such a thing as a stereotypical female cigar smoker?  It’s an interesting question, because the same way the mind can conjure an image of a stereotypical cigar-smoking man, there are probably some similar imagery associated with women who enjoy cigars, most likely either the merciless corporate power broker or the hard-drinking bar fly.

The point is that at the end of the day, neither gender is genuinely more or less likely to take up cigar smoking than the other, even if a woman doing it might get a different response than a man would.  At the end of the day, however, the truth is that, just like men, women who enjoy cigars come from all background and all lifestyles: lawyers, doctors, writers, class mothers, and everything in between.

The age range of women who enjoy cigars runs the gamut as well, as women from age 18 all the way through 60 and beyond have gotten in on the cigar smoking scene.  While the numbers of male and female cigar smokers might not be exactly the same, women, who smoke cigars regularly often have a more refined taste in regards to what they like.

Reasons for Cigar Smoking

Most of all, however, is that men and women who smoke cigars do so for all the same reasons: as part of social or family gatherings, a desire to appear cultured and worldly, or even just (pardon the pun) to blow off a little steam.  Also, just like with beer or any other indulgence, female cigar smokers often just enjoy the taste and aroma of a quality cigar.

In fact, the social aspect is often core to an individual’s affinity for smoking cigars, as there are a variety of situations where cigars can fit perfectly into the flow of the evening.  For example, many family gatherings include cigars as part of the post-supper wind-down time, and girls nights that already include good conversations, good food, and maybe a few drinks can also throw a nice cigar in for good measure.

It’s not just something to be done behind closed doors with your inner circle, either, because countless clubs and organizations have formed all over the country and world that cater to the discerning, cigar-smoking woman.  International organizations like the Women’s International Cigar Club have even developed in recent years to bring pockets of female cigar aficionados together to create a global community of cigar smoking women from all over the world.

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Appreciation for Cigars

You may be surprised also to discover that appreciation of cigars among the women of the world is nothing new because while it might be more visible, and increasingly socially acceptable, in the modern day, the truth is that there’s been a cigar culture among women for centuries.  In fact, Europe had long catered to women who enjoy cigars, as in France and Germany when cigar-smoking clubs first began accepting female members as far back as two hundred years ago or more. Where other, more traditionally masculine activities were off limits, European women have long been able to enjoy cigars without the stigma you’d expect them to become associated with.

If you go back even further, there’s also evidence that Native American women were every bit as much a part of the smoking culture as men were.  Such women were quite the novelty to the Spanish explorers who first came to South America and visited the Aztec people in the 16th century, though even back home, such elite women as Queen Elizabeth I herself was known for being partial to a pipe of tobacco.


Fortunately, the perception of cigars as not being for women is changing, and in fact, no less an authority than Cigar Aficionado Magazine is recognizing the female cigar culture.  They have featured many women on the cover of the magazine, and that has gone a long way toward changing the overall image of cigar-smoking women for the better.

It’s a fair bet that the number of women who enjoy a fine cigar will only continue to grow, and if you have a cigar-loving woman in your life, why not impress her with a gift like a personal cigar box with initials engraved into it?  If you do, they can enjoy a good cigar in style!