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October 22, 2018
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Seven Amazing Islands to Add to Your Bucket List

Some couples look forward to planning a wedding. Instead of getting stressed over the myriad choices involving picking out venues, menus, and decorations, they enjoy the planning process. They scroll through their Pinterest boards for hours and flip through bridal magazines during their lunch breaks.

For others, all the attention is spent on planning for the honeymoon. Some couples don’t care about the flowers or the cake. All their time is spent trying to decide which Caribbean island will be the perfect place to visit after their ceremony. Instead of spending hours narrowing down what shoes the bridesmaids will wear, they spend time narrowing down their choices to 21 and up getaway locations.

Read on to learn more about seven amazing islands that would make perfect honeymoon destinations.



No other island has such a laid-back vibe as Jamaica. Known for its beautiful Seven Mile Beach near the west-coast town of Negril, Jamaica offers picture-perfect views that never need a filter. Jamaica also offers fantastic local food, including jerk chicken, great coffee, and of course, Jamaican rum. Known as the home of reggae music, one only has to hear the steel drums to think of the beautiful island of Jamaica.


The Bahamas
The Bahamas

Enjoy snorkeling in crystal turquoise water on the coast of one of the 700 islands of the Bahamas. Explore the centuries-old city of Nassau during the day and drink Bahama Mamas on the beach with your new spouse at night. The Bahamas is also a perfect location for those who enjoy spending time at either a blackjack or craps table.



Home to the magnificent Dickenson Bay, which features a pristine white-sand beach, Antigua is a choice vacation spot for couples who enjoy water sports. Antigua offers the calmest Caribbean waterfronts and one of the most moderate climates of all the Caribbean islands. Celebrate your new life together by becoming SCUBA certified on your honeymoon. History buffs will be happy to learn stories from Antigua’s shipping history at Nelson’s Dockyard National Park. Also, honeymooners can reflect on the sweetness of their relationship as they tour a sugar cane plantation.


Puerto Rico
Sculpture in Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is one of the most accessible islands to get to from the U.S. Not only do you not need a passport to visit, but you can also get there from New York in two hours and 40 minutes. Get caught in an afternoon shower while exploring the rain forest with your new spouse. Explore the narrow, brick streets of old San Juan. Eat the best ceviche you will ever have while drinking piña coladas. Puerto Rico is beautiful.


Saint Lucia

Saint Lucia, in the Eastern Caribbean, is a diver’s paradise. With several reef-diving sites and volcanic beaches, Saint Lucia offers a wide variety of attractions for every honeymooner. Explore trails through the rainforest that leads to amazing waterfalls. View the twin peaks of Les Pitons, two mountains that adorn the beautiful island. Saint Lucia blends the French and English cultures to offer a unique Caribbean paradise.



Even the name Barbados sounds like an exotic, sensual place for two people in love to celebrate their marriage. Barbados is the destination for animal lovers. Not only are vacationers able to swim with the sea turtles, but they can also see monkeys in their natural habitat. And of course, there are the beaches. Barbados boasts some of the most pristine sand-white beaches.



In the past, Grenada has suffered from a bad reputation in regards to its safety. Currently, Grenada is known as one of the safest Caribbean islands. Grenada boasts both black and white sand beaches. The black sand and a vast crater lake are proof of ancient volcanic activity on the island. Visitors can also visit hot springs and rain forests if they tire of sitting on the beautiful beaches the island has to offer. Grenada is known as the island of spice. Farmers grow cloves, cinnamon, ginger, turmeric, cocoa, nutmeg and mace in abundance there, and the local food reflects those fantastic flavors. Divers can explore 15 shipwrecks and varied sea life.


All-inclusive resorts make budgeting easier.

Narrowing down their choices may be difficult for newlyweds, but choosing an all-inclusive resort is always a good idea. Many costs associated with a wedding fluctuate depending on a variety of factors. It’s nice for couples to know that the cost of their honeymoon is already determined. All-inclusive resorts allow honeymooners to focus on celebrating their lives together, instead of worrying about the price of each meal.









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