6 Vital Ingredients for an Unforgettable Beach Holiday in the Winter

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6 Vital Ingredients for an Unforgettable Beach Holiday in the Winter

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A vacation to the can fast-track you straight into a state of bliss. Beach breaks give you the space to breathe, to relax, and re-center yourself after stressful weeks and months. In order to extract the most enjoyment from your time on a faraway beach, plan with the ingredients listed below in mind.


1. Get the destination right

Naturally, the first step to planning any vacation is to choose a destination. Check out the climate and weather reports for a number of beach-based holidays in far-flung and beautiful corners of the world. Calculate which of these you might be able to afford, and what your experience in each country might be like. Finally, find yourself a little slice of paradise in a larger paradisaical location. Look at Villas in Lanzarote, or beach huts in Goa, to get that privacy that you’re looking for alongside the joys of being at the beach.

2. Organize everything to be seamless

There’s nothing more satisfying than having everything work like clockwork when you arrive at your chosen destination. A taxi is awaiting you at the airport, and the keys to your villa are ready to be handed over on your arrival. You have the details of local food shops and restaurants saved on your phone, and you’ve made yourself familiar with the culture and the customs of the region of the world you’ll be relaxing in. All this preparation will make for a completely seamless stay without any hassle whatsoever. All you’ll need is the sun and the sand for your trip to be complete.


3. Pack intelligently

There are certain things that you know you’re going to need at the beach. You’ll need a nice large towel, some swimwear, your sunglasses, and your sun lotion. But you should also think hard about those extra little items that will really maximize the bliss and minimize the stress on your trip. A cooling bag will be perfect for ice and drinks next to your sun bed. A miniature chess set might be just the thing to pass the time with others on the beach. You might even want to bring some sketching gear. Think smart and pack with verve to ensure your stay is as relaxing as possible.


4. Eat and hydrate

Your beach holiday can only be enhanced by the sampling of some top-notch local cuisine while you’re busy letting those stresses seep out of your pores and away on the calm sea breeze. Make sure you’re keeping hydrated while under the sun, especially if you’re drinking alcohol. Beach trips are all too often ruined by heatstroke or sunstroke, two maladies that can really creep up on you while you’re on the beach.


5. Plan “must-do” and “backup” activities

Some beach goers really are just in it for the heat, the tan, and the nothingness that one can enjoy on the comfort of one’s own sun bed. Other people, though, like to have the option of an activity or two should they develop itchy feet over the course of the week or two that they’re away. Whether these be beach activities, water sports, or little day trips on the mainland, you should draw up a shortlist of places you might want to visit when you’re abroad. You shouldn’t make any of these places a “must-see”: just do as you feel. It’s simply a good idea to have some backup activities should you feel the need to engage with the place around you a little more.


6. Make it musical

Most beachgoers like to plug into their earphones at some stage in order to close their eyes and be serenaded by their favorite tracks while under the beating warmth of the sun. Before you head off on your trip, consider making a playlist just for the beach so that you’re able to listen to tunes offline. If you’re with friends and you have a patch of beach in which it’s not antisocial to play music, fire up a speaker to let the good times roll. Or, you might be able to find some beach side bar where music on speakers or, better yet, local band will help you unwind and enjoy your time by the seaside.