E. Sansing

October 10, 2014

Two Tagg Writers Share Their Coming Out Stories

Those in the LGBTQ community know that we don’t actually come out one time. Coming out is a regular occurrence. Whether it’s as simple as walking down the street or having that conversation with a new person, we come out on a daily basis.
August 19, 2014

Top List Tuesday: 10 Ridiculous and Laughable Cures For Homosexuality

There have been countless gimmicks marketed as “cures” for “the homosexual”, many of which are hauntingly familiar. And, despite the declassification as a mental illness, there are still organizations today that tout a “medical basis” for reversing homosexual urges.
August 5, 2014

Top List Tuesday: 13 Notable LGBTQ Allies

Recent headlines highlight a teacher fired for teaching a lesson on homophonia. It is all too evident that misunderstanding and fear is alive and well when authorities mistake necessary language lessons for "the gay agenda".
July 29, 2014

Top List Tuesday: 10 Reasons DMV Lesbians Need a Vacation

Life is beautiful. Life is also insane. One minute you've got a great girlfriend, an amazing job and a precious pet. The next minute life is ripped at the seams and everything you valued is gone.