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January 5, 2018
Kerrice Lewis
23-Year-Old Lesbian, Kerrice Lewis, Murdered in SE Washington, D.C.
January 8, 2018
A black and white photo of The X Names, Camila Grey and Kate Moenning

Camila Grey and Kate Moennig

Featuring DJs Citizen Jane, Camila Grey, and Kate Moennig

It’s time for cake, balloons, and champagne as one of the district’s premiere women’s parties celebrates a milestone. BARE, a monthly party created by the Ladies of LURe is turning nine years old. There are not many spaces created for and by the queer women in Washington, D.C. but Karen Diehl and Sterling Higgins have worked hard to ensure that BARE is and remains one of them.

So how does the dynamic duo feel about BARE’s success? In a word, ecstatic. “I’m excited we’re able to celebrate nine years. It’s beyond surreal,” says Higgins. “I’m thankful for the community support. So often I hear people talk about women not supporting their community. I can proudly say the women in this community support us and they’ve continued to support [us] for nine years.”

Nine years ago the queer women’s community had very few events to call their own as venues began to close and parties phased out. This lack of space, a few friend-filled bar takeovers, and a chance conversation launched the eagerly anticipated monthly BARE event.

This year the Ladies of LURe are celebrating the milestone in style. To commemorate the occasion, the January 20 party will feature some extra special guests. The night will include musical extravaganzas DJ duo X-Names, with Kate Moennig (Shane from The L Word) and Camila Grey (lead singer of Uh Huh Her), and DJ Citizen Jane.

Both Diehl and Higgins contribute their success to faithful revelers and the incredible people who make up their team. “A huge thank you to our staff, our beautiful community, and Cobalt for nine wonderful years,” says Diehl. “We would be nothing without all of you, and we are humbled by your continued support. Much love.”

Performer Spotlight

DJ Citizen Jane

DJ Citizen Jane

Citizen Jane is a singer, songwriter, and DJ. Citizen Jane was part of a band, but when they broke up, she returned to her roots. “I dabbled during my college years. It started off as a hobby and it has been my full-time job now for quite some time,” she says. She promises an engaging set with high energy music and “great beats that will get [people] moving on the dance floor,” says Citizen Jane. “My goal is to get the crowd out of their heads and into their bodies.”

Citizen Jane has not performed in the district before but is excited to “make a connection and make sure everyone has a good time.” As far as being an LGBTQ identified DJ, Citizen Jane says “It’s great because it allows me to bring that message of hope and togetherness through the music. Music makes everyone come together as one. The best part is that I can be a role model for the LGBTQ youth.”

“I’m looking forward to celebrating Ladies of LURe’s 9th Anniversary,” she says. “I’ve heard they sure know how to throw a good party.”

X-Names (pronounced no names) is a DJ experience. Kate Moennig and Camila Grey met through mutual friends in 2006 and both are ready to ignite BARE’s revelers on January 20 with their music at Cobalt. “We are most looking forward to continuing what we have curated through the last two years and being a part of the musical energy of freedom and expression with people all over the word.”

“We’re only a duo in the sense that we like playing together back to back to create a new vibrant atmosphere in a club setting,” says X-Names. “We feel the music should build like a wave so Cams sets the tone in the beginning. Building from slow vibes to frenetic so Kate can take it from there to finish it off.”


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