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March 10, 2015
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Karen Diehl

By Kyler Anne Ford

Karen Diehl, Tagg Magazine 2015

Photo by Denis Largeron

Karen Diehl did not set out to launch a business when she invited friends out after many venues and events for women started disappearing around Washington, D.C. She and her old business partner Melissa May just started taking over a bar for a night and soon had over 50 women attending.

When they realized they had something, they reached out to friends and contacts in the nightlife industry and shortly after, LURe was born. The venues and events have changed, but the vision remains – fun, safe, and exciting events for women all over metro D.C. LURe is not just about the fun, though. Every event raises money for organizations that protect and educate this community and Diehl even promotes outside events if they are in service of a cause LURe supports.

As for what’s next, Diehl hopes to take LURe national and work with promoters all over the country. In the short term, she’s focused on BARE: Military Appreciation Night being held on March 21 and BARE: Spring Fling on April 18, both at Cobalt. In June, she partners with Tagg for FUSE, the official main women’s event for Capital Pride.

When she’s not out painting the town, she loves racing cars, expanding her sneaker collection, having political debates, and the occasional glass of fine whiskey. Though with all the big plans on the horizon, there’s hardly time. She says “LURe is all about community; it’s up to our clientele where we go next.”

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